htm - (Hear The Music) Server Options

htm [ option ] ...

HTM sound synthesis servers.

-srate n
Sample Rate in Hz. Chosen from the ones supported by workstation.

-hog n. Scheduling control.0 means regular UNIX process. 1 means lock memory of process. 2 means lock memory and set high non degrading priority. Non-zero values require on the Indigo that the program be set user id root and root owned.

-silent Don't send synthesized output to sound library (DAC's).

-smax n
How many samples before program exits. Default is infinity. Useful for measuring performance or testing.

-ofile file
Output samples to file. Sampling rate and number of output channels in the file will be the same as the server process. Samples will be 16-bit, two's complement. Sound file format is determined by the extension on the filename you give, e.g., foo.aiff will make an AIFF file. All SGI-supported sound file formats are available.

-chans n
Number of output channels.

-lwm n
Low water mark in samples of output buffer. (defaults to 256).

-hwm n
High water mark in samples of output buffer. (defaults to 512).

-port n
UDP and UNIX port number to listen to for parameter updates.

Adrian Freed