Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros, composer, performer and humanitarian is an important

pioneer in American Music. Acclaimed internationally for four decades she

has explored sound - forging new ground for herself and others. Through

improvisation, electronic music, ritual teaching and meditation she has

created a body of work with great breadth of vision. Oliveros has been

honored with awards and grants and her music has been played throughout the

world. Whether performing at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.,

or an underground caves Oliveros' commitment to interaction with the moment

is unchanged. In performance Oliveros uses and expanded accordion. The

expressive possibilities are increased by an electronic system, devised by

Oliveros to alter sounds, bend pitches and explore the individual

characteristics of each room.

Pauline Oliveros has built a loyal following through her concerts,

recordings, publications and musical compositions that she has written for

soloists and ensembles in music, dance, theater and interact companies. She

has also provided leadership within the music community from her early

years as Director of the tape music center at mills college and as Director

of the Center for Music Experiment during her 14 year tenure at the

University of California, SanDiego. She has acted in advisory capacity for

organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts, The New York

State Council for the Arts and many private foundations. Oliveros has been

vocal about representing the needs of individual artists, about the need

for diversity and experimentation in the arts and promoting cooperation and

good will among people.

She is currently visiting professor at Mills College in Oakland.


Barre Phillips

Barre Phillips was born in San Francisco in 1934. He migrated to New York

City in 1962 where he met and studied with Frederick Zimmermann. His years

in New York

during the 60,s brought him into contact with the Free Jazz and

Contemporary Music scenes which were flowering there at that time. Barre

Phillips has lived in the south of France since 1972. As much a composer as

a performer, Barre has worked in the areas of film, ballet and theater

throughout the years. Parallel to these experiences Barre Phillips has

continued to perform and

record. He has recorded over 100 records, 30 of them under his own name.

Barre is in constant demand throughout Europe, North America and Japan as a

soloist and improviser. His stage experience spans a wide range of musical

styles, from Coleman Hawkins to Cecil Taylor to Interactive Electronic

music. His work in the 1970,s with John Surman and Stu Martin, THE TRIO,

became a model in itself, and influenced many younger musicians.

He is also an active teacher and has lead workshops regularly since 1976 in

Europe, America and Japan in Double Bass, Improvised Music and Music for

Contemporary Dance.


Dana Reason

Dana Reason is a pianist and composer from Montreal, Canada. Her principal

teachers include Aleck Karis, Julie Steinberg, and Louis-Phillipe Peltier

for piano and Alcides Lanza, Pauline Oliveros, and Alvin Curran for

composition. She has appeared at the Banff Arts Festival, Knitting

Factory (NYC), Guelph Jazz Festival, Meet the Composer (NY), Festival In

Pink (LA), the Music Gallery (Toronto), and the San Francisco Jazz

Festival. Ms. Reason has recorded for Music and Arts, Deep Listening, Red

Toucan, and Ryokan labels and has been featured on National Public Radio,

CBC and Radio Canada. Ms. Reason obtained a Bachelor of Music from McGill

University, a Master of Arts in Composition from Mills College, and is

currently the recipient of a full-fellowship from the University of

California at San Diego where she is pursuing Ph.D in the music program

Critical Studies/Experimental Practices.


Philip Gelb

Philip Gelb is one of a few shakuhachi players concentrating on new music.

He has studied shakuhachi with Kurahashi Yoshio-sensei, Ronnie Nyogetsu and

Dale Olsen and composition with Yuji Takahashi. He has performed throughout

North America and in Japan and Europe as a soloist and in ensembles with

some of the most respected musicians of our time. In July, 1998 he was an

invited guest at the International shakuhachi festival where he premiered a

new solo composition and a new duet with interactive computer composer,

Chris Brown. He has composed for dancers Eri Majima, Nia Love and Peggy

Thrasher. Philip Gelb and Dana Reason have been collaborating in duet and

other ensembles for 12 years. He has recorded for Deep Listening, New

World/Countercurrents, Ryokan, Abray, Limited Sedition and Cultural

Labyrinth. Gelb is currently living and teaching in the SanFrancisco Bay




Philip Gelb

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