The Center For New Music and Audio Technologies ­­ CNMAT, pronounced senn´mat­­ is a music research, teaching, recording and performance facility located in the hills just north of the UC Berkeley campus at 1750 Arch Street, Berkeley, California, 94720, U.S.A. . There are ways the public, compsers, musicians, researchers, professors and students from around the world can get involved at CNMAT.


We promote, produce and present the creative interaction between music and technology. A satellite of the UC Berkeley Department of Music , CNMAT is an interdisciplinary research center, drawing participants from many university departments including physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, psychology, computer science, cognitive science and music.


We present concerts that cross cultural and musical barriers and could as easily feature traditional ethnic music as state of the art computer music. We also provide a forum for diverse lectures and demonstrations for students and the community. Check out the current event calendar and archives of past events for more information.

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