ICMC97: CNMAT Participation

In alphabetical order:

 Title (click for HTML abstract)  Principle  Authors  type  text
The Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT): Studio Report Richard Andrews   Studio Report html, postscript
"Mathematica" for flute and tape Edmund Campion   Musical Work  
Operating Systems Latency Measurement and Analysis for Sound Synthesis and Processing Applications Adrian Freed

Amar Chaudhary

Brian Davila

Poster htmlpostscript
Database of Challenging Musical Sounds for Evaluation and Refinement of Pitch Estimators Adrian Freed   Poster  html
A Novel Representation for Rhythmic Structure Vijay Iyer Jeff Bilmes, David Wessel, Matthew Wright Paper html, postscript
OpenSoundControl protocol Matthew Wright Adrian Freed Paper html, postscript
New Musical Control Structures from Standard Gestural Controllers Matthew Wright David Wessel, Adrian Freed Demo html, postscript

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