CNMAT Alpha SDIF World Release 0.5

10/4/99, Matt Wright, updated 3/24/4

What Is This?

What is SDIF?

This is an "alpha" release of CNMAT's SDIF library, plus various tools written using the library.


Example SDIF files

CNMAT's SDIF library: API and source code for procedures for reading and writing SDIF files. (This is the basis of all software described below.) Updated 10/13/99.

SDIF support in Max/MSP (as described in the ICMC99 paper), but with no STFT implementation.

SDIF to MPEG-4 Cross-coder source code (as described in the ICMC99 paper) To use this, you probably want to download saolc, Eric Scheirer's reference implementation of the MPEG-4 Structured Audio synthesizer, from

SDIF utilities (currently running under OSX (Zip archive with OSX binaries), Linux, and SGI IRIX):

File format converters from these old IRCAM/CNMAT analysis file formats (currently running under SGI IRIX):


For current versions of the Max/MSP externals, go to CNMAT's Max/MSP Downloads Page.

For Macintosh (example MSP patches, SDIF files, and obsolete Max objects and source (including library),): Stuffit (1779K) Version 0.02 includes the SDIF-menu object and uses the same SDIF library as the rest of this release. These use CNMAT's Max/MSP objects to perform synthesis, includine the sinusoids~ and resonators~ objects.

For Unix (source to utilties (including library)): tar.gz (22k) tar.Z (45k)

SDIF to MPEG-4 Cross-Coder (including library): tar.gz (40k) tar.Z (68k)

Example SDIF files: http directory, tar.gz (413k), tar.Z (535k).