Max/MSP Night School
July 12-16, 1999
7:00-10:30 PM
1750 Arch Street
Berkeley, CA 94709

Instructors: David Zicarelli, David Wessel, Adrian Freed, Matthew Wright, Richard Dudas, and Leslie Stuck

Course Fee: $250.00 payable in advance or at the first meeting.

(510) 643-9990 x300

This intensive week of evening classes features instruction in Max /MSP programming by its developer David Zicarelli and a cast of highly experienced Max /MSP programmers. The course will focus on developing MSP-based electroacoustic instrumentation in which Max provides flexible control and interactivity.

The combination of Max and MSP brings unprecedented real-time audio signal processing to the PowerPC. MSP provides a large collection of digital audio objects that run in Max with which to build synthesizers, samplers, and effects processors.

In addition to the standard set of Max/MSP objects, this year's night school will include CNMAT objects for analysis-based additive synthesis as well as resonance-based synthesis. These synthesis methods exploit the Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF) which has recently been interfaced to the Max/MSP world.

The instructors will also demonstrate their most recent work with Max/MSP.

The class will address the topic of managing complexity in larger projects, showing some abstraction techniques that keep things from getting out of control as they grow. The special challenges and techniques of building Max/MSP programs for reliable concert performance will also be discussed.

Course participants will learn how to turn their MSP patches into VST plug-ins. Steinberg's popular VST plug-in format allows popular sequencing environments such as Cubase VST, Vision DSP, and Logic Audio to run custom audio processing modules.

A variety of materials will be provided to course participants, including machine readable copies of all the programming examples provided in the course.

While you are here, take advantage of Berkeley's excellent summer weather and explore the Bay Area's many attractions, including brewpubs, live music, hiking/cycling/windsurfing, and visits San Francisco, Marin County, and Santa Cruz/Monterey/ Big Sur.

For more information on Max and MSP and how to obtain the programs, visit the Cycling74 web site.

For information about lodging, see the UC Berkeley summer housing web site or call (510) 642-5925.