December 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
 Saturday, December 12  8:00 pm  CNMAT  J.D. Parran, David Wessel, Vijay Iyer  Concert  $10 general, $5 students Reed player J.D. Parran, Pianist Vijay Iyer, and Computer Musician David Wessel present a new series of interacitve works.

November 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
Saturday, November 7 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Center for the Arts Forum

Yerba Buena Gardens

San Francisco

100+ performers, including Eitan Steinberg (1-3:30), Keeril Makan (3:30-6), and the David Wessel/Vijay Iyer Duo (6-8:30). Opus 415 New Music Marathon $15 all day pass, $10 students & seniors

Other Minds in association with the Common Sense Composers Collective presents the 4th annual Opus 415 New Music Marathon: a ten hour extravaganza with new works by more than 25 emerging and established Bay Area composers

Tickets will be available from the box office of the CFA Theater (415) 978-ARTS, every day 11am-6pm PDT.

 Sunday, November 8  5:00 pm (note early time!)  CNMAT  The Wessel-Iyer Duo: David Wessel, live interactive electronics; Vijay Iyer, piano; and the Vijay Iyer Quartet: Vijay Iyer, piano; Devin Hoff, acoustic bass; Derrek Phillips, drums, special guest Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto saxophone.  Concert  $10 general, $5 students

Acclaimed South Asian American jazz pianist and composer Vijay Iyer will perform original music in two different configurations.

In the first part of the late-afternoon program, Iyer performs in an improvising duo of piano and live electronics with the innovative computer musician David Wessel.

Then, Iyer presents a set of original music with his quartet, featuring the powerhouse alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa, bassist Devin Hoff, and drummer Derrek Phillips. For more info, click here.

  Sunday, November 8  8:00 pm

 UC Davis

115 Music

 Music by Ed Campion and others  Concert  $10 general, $5 students and children

Concert of Electro-Acoustic Music. Works by Pablo Ortiz, Wayne Slawson, Ricardo Dal Farra, Ed Campion (for flute and tape), Swedish composer Lars Gunnar Bodin (for flute and tape), and others, with Tod Brody, flute.

This concert is part of the National Electro-Acoustic Music Week (November 8-14, 1998) of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS).

 Sunday, November 15  7:00 - 9:30 pm

 St. John's Presebyterian Church

2727 College Ave., Berkeley

 Music by Ronald Bruce Smith and others  Concert  Free

 The Berkeley Symphony Orchestra presents Under Construction, and open rehearsal and performance of new works by Bay Area composers Pablo Ortiz, Carolyn Yarnell, Ronald Bruce Smith, and Deniz Ince.

For more info call (510) 841-2800

 Friday November 20  3 :00 pm  128 Morrison Hall  Edmund Campion  Composer Colloquium  Free

 Composer Colloquium: "L'autre" (The Other)

Composer, Edmund Campion and Poet, John Campion will present a new collaborative work of music and poetry "L'autre". The work was commissioned by Radio France and produced at CNMAT and IRCAM. It will be featured in the upcoming Présences 1999 Festival in Paris.

L'autre represents a deeply inwoven collaboration between two brothers. The piece begins with the origins and hopeful emergence of consciousness out of the unconscious--the birth of language (the logos) out of a primordial welter of sounds and syllables. The work traces the development of this Ur-relationship through the usurpation and domination of the unconscious by consciousness, the feminine by the masculine. This conflict is portrayed as a modern fear of "The Other"-- race, culture and gender. The composition is scored for Mezzo-soprano/narrator, horn, two percussion, harp, and tape.

 Monday, November 30  3 :00 pm  CNMAT  Gerhard Stäbler  Lecture  Free

 The CNMAT Users Group presents a lecture by noted German composer Gerhard Stäbler

Mr. Stäbler will speak about his work and present some recent compositions, including:
Burning Minds (1988) for choir/vocal soloists
Kassandra (1997) music for dance theater
Karas.Crows (1994/1995) for tape

He will also give an introduction to his chamber music. There will be an opportunity for discussion.

October 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
Thursday, Oct. 1 to Tuesday, Oct. 6 See the ICMC Calendar page   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor  TBA CNMAT papers at the  International Computer Music Conference See the ICMC Registration page This year's ICMC, the most important conference worldwide for research in the field, will take place October 1 - 6 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Follow this link to the page on CNMAT participation at ICMC.
 Wednesday, October 21  1:30 p.m.  CNMAT  Patrick Ozzard-Low  Talk  Free  Patrick Ozzard-Low, Composer and Director of Alternative Tuning Projects, UK: The talk will be in two parts: a discussion of the general relevance of ATS in contemporary music, and descriptions of existing and speculative alternative acoustic instrument designs. For more information, click here.
 Monday, Oct. 26  3:00 pm  CNMAT  Be, Inc.
Timothy Self, Developer Evangelist,
Brian Mikol, Doug Wright
  BeOS Demo/Question and Answer  Free  Developers of the BeOS real-time operating system will present a demonstration of the latest BeOS and will answer questions about how the system is designed and how to develop for it. For more info, click here.

September 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details

Friday, September 18

Saturday, September 19

8:00 pm     CNMAT  Philip Gelb, Barre Phillips, Pauline Oliveros, and Dana Reason  Concert $10 general, $8 students

Improvisations with:
Philip Gelb - shakuhachi
Pauline Oliveros - accordion
Barre Phillips - bass
Dana Reason - piano

Follow this link for info about the performers.

For more information about the concert, please contact

 Saturday, September 26 to Tuesday, September 29  See the AES Calendar page  Moscone Center, San Francisco  Amar Chaudhary, Adrian Freed, Rafael Irizarry, Sami Khoury, and David Wessel.  CNMAT papers at the 105th Audio Engineering Society Convention   See the AES Registration page

Sunday, September 27:

Band-Limited Simulation of Analog Synthesizer Modules by Additive Synthesis, Amar Chaudhary.

Real-Time Inverse Transform Additive Synthesis for Additive and Pitch Synchronous Noise and Sound Spatialization, Adrian Freed.

Statistical Analysis of Sound Signals Using a Local Harmonic Model, Rafael Irizarry.

Monday, September 28th:

Volumetric Modeling of Acoustic Fields in CNMAT's Sound Spatialization Theater, Sami Khoury, Adrian Freed, and David Wessel.

July 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
 Mon, July 6 - Tues, July 7  10:00 am - 8:00 pm     CNMAT  IRCAM  Forum IRCAM Software Workshops Free Presentations and demonstrations of Forum IRCAM software. See the IRCAM website for registration and information.
 Mon, July 13 - Fri, July 17  7:30 - 11:00 pm     CNMAT Instructors: David Zicarelli, David Wessel, Richard Dudas, Leslie Stuck, and Matt Wright  MAX/MSP Night School $250.00 payable in advance or at the first meeting.

The combination of MAX and MSP brings unprecedented real-time audio signal processing to the PowerPC. MSP provides a large collection of digital audio objects that run in MAX with which to build synthesizers, samplers, and effects processors. For more information on MSP and how to obtain it, visit Cycling74 and for MAX itself, visit the OpCode web site.

This intensive week of evening classes features instruction in MAX/MSP programming by its developer David Zicarelli and a cast of highly experienced MAX/MSP programmers. The course will focus on developing MSP-based electroacoustic instrumentation in which MAX provides flexible control and interactivity.

A variety of materials will be provided to course participants including an MSP manual and tutorial and machine readable copies of all the programming examples provided in the course.

To register for the course contact Richard Andrews at

For information about lodging see the UC Berkeley summer housing website or call (510) 642-5925.

 Saturday, July 11  3 - 5 p.m  CNMAT, outside in the tennis court  Chris Brown and the Computer Network Music Ensemble with Kristin Erickson, Peter Valsamis, and David Vasquez.  Concert  Free  Live interactive spatialized outdoor concert by the Computer Network Music Ensemble, featuring "Talking Drum" by Chris Brown.
 Wednesday, July 15  5:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Chapel of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont Ave., Oakland (next to Mountain View Cemetery)  Edmund and John Campion, Charles Amirkhanian, Carl Stone, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Belinda Reynolds, Dan Becker, Maggi Payne, Laetitia Sonami; pianists Chris Brown, Sarah Cahill, and Matthew Goodheart; clarinetist Beth Custer; glass instrument musician Miguel Frasconi; multi-instrumentalist Randy Porter; koto player Miya Masaoka; video artist John Sanborn; Tibetan singer Te Chung; saxophonist Dan Plosey; Panacea; and vocalists Pamela Z and Mantra Ben-Ya'akova.  Walk-Through Event  $10 general, $8 students and seniors (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)


20th Century FORUM and Chapel of the Chimes present the third annual Garden of Memory: a Columbarium Walk-Through Event at Chapel of the Chimes, a Julia Morgan-designed columbarium and mausoleum with gardens, fountains, and stained-glass skylights at 4499 Piedmont Ave., next to Mountain View Cemetery, in Oakland on Wednesday, July 15 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. The program will feature simultaneous performances in different parts of the building by Bay Area composers, musicians, and other performers presenting a variety of acoustic and electronic music and video; the audience is free to move throughout the building during the performances.

For more information, call 20th Century FORUM at (415) 255-8225.

 Sunday July 26th  7:30 p.m.

 Berkeley Art Center

1275 Walnut Street, Berkeley

 Edmund Campion and others  Concert

 $10 general

$9 students and seniors

 The Berkeley Art Center presents a concert featuring the music of Edmund Campion and others. Works to be performed include Campion's Repetition 75 for flute and clarinet, Stringing the Bow for string quartet, and No Ping Pong for clarinet, oboe and tape.

For more info: 644-6893

May 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
 Friday, May 1  8:00 pm     CNMAT  Edwin Dugger  Concert $10 general and $5 students

An evening of music by UC Berkeley Music Department faculty composer Edwin Dugger, featuring:

Crazy Eights (1998) for 8 channel computer-generated sounds

3 Western Gardens, 3 Western Seascapes, 3 Western Landscapes for piano and computer-generated sound (1997), Jerry Kuderna, piano

A Frenzy of Frightened Footnotes (1997) in 4 movements

 Tuesday, May 19  8:00 pm     CNMAT  Bob Ostertag  Concert $10 general and $5 students

 "With entrance into Ostertag's world comes a severe attitude adjustment. You have to curb your brain, dump your 'common sense' judgments, and peel away the calluses that have built up over the vulnerable core of your senses. Listening becomes cultural time travel at warp speed. Time, however, jumps off its linear tracks. You have to accept both the simultaneity of your feelings and your hapless inability to control them."

-- San Francisco Bay Guardian

 Tuesday, May 26   8:00 pm      CNMAT  Jean-Claud Risset, David Wessel  Concert $10 general and $5 students The program will consist of three works by Risset and "Antony" by David Wessel.

April 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
 Thursday, April 2

(also Thursday, April 9)

 Shafqat Ali Khan, vocal

David Wessel and Matt Wright, interactive electronics



$6 students

Longtime musical collaborators Shafqat Ali Khan (vocals) and David Wessel (interactive computer instrumentation) are joined by Matt Wright (interactive computer instrumentation) for an evening of improvisation and interaction. They create a musical common ground, informed by classical Indo-Pakisani music, upon which a vital dialogue takes place.
Sunday, April 5 8 PM Hertz Hall Campion, Curran Concert Free

Beyond the Proscenium -- CONCERT

Quadrivium by Edmund Campion
Theme Park "Bang Zoom" by Alvin Curran

Beyond the Proscenium? is an exploration of the uses of technology, location, and space in expanding the possibilities for music, art and performance in the 21st century. Planned events include a concert, a symposium, and a technology demonstration. Beyond the Proscenium? is sponsored by the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities in association with the Department of Music and the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies.

 Thursday, April 9   8 PM  CNMAT

  Shafqat Ali Khan, vocal

David Wessel and Matt Wright, interactive electronics



$6 students

Longtime musical collaborators Shafqat Ali Khan (vocals) and David Wessel (interactive computer instrumentation) are joined by Matt Wright (interactive computer instrumentation) for an evening of improvisation and interaction. They create a musical common ground, informed by classical Indo-Pakisani music, upon which a vital dialogue takes place.
Monday, April 13  3-5:30 p.m.

Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities

Geballe Room, 210 Stephens, UC Berkeley

Campion, Wessel, DeMarinis, Curran, Lysloff, Wessel, Wilkerson Symposium Free

 Beyond the Proscenium -- SYMPOSIUM



 Tuesday, April 14  4-6 PM CNMAT David Wessel, Rene Causse Demo Free

 Beyond the Proscenium -- DEMONSTRATION

A presentation of the new Sound Spatialization Theatre (SST)
located at CNMAT

 Thursday, April 16   4-6 PM  CNMAT  René Caussé  Lecture  Free

 Synthesis of Radiation Patterns with Digitally Controlled Loudspeakers

In this lecture by visiting Regents' Lecturer René Caussé, a digital signal processing method for radiation pattern synthesis is presented. In the first part, typical radiation properties of musical instruments are illustrated and discussed from a perceptual point of view. The second part describes the method of radiation pattern synthesis. The performance is discussed and illustrated by measurements undertaken with different prototypes. The possible applications in the field of music and electroacoustics are discussed.

René Caussé has been at the Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique et Musique (IRCAM-Paris) since 1977. He has been in charge of IRCAM's acoustic group since 1991 and specializes in musical acoustics research .

Prof. Caussé has also been in charge of collaborations with universities and research centers, including Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland (A.H. Benade); University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (G. Weinreich); Universite du Maine, Le Mans (J. Kergomard and M. Bruneau); Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris (F. Laloe); Eindhoven University (A. Hirschberg); Telecom, Paris (A. Chaigne); Universite de Paris and Ircam (S. McAdams); Universite de Paris (M. Castellengo and X. Boutillon). This is the second of two visits by Prof. Caussé as a Regents' Lecturer.

 Saturday, April 18  10 am-4 pm CNMAT CNMAT Staff Open house Free  Cal Day 1998
 Thursday, April 23  4 - 6 pm  CNMAT  Yann Orlarey of GRAME in Lyon, France  Lecture  Free

 "The Elody Music Composition Environment"

Elody is a music composition environment based on a visual functional programming language, a direct manipulation user interface and Internet facilities. It is written in Java and available for Mac and Windows.

 Friday, April 24

4:00 pm
Lecture by Barry Truax (free)

8:00 pm Concert

 CNMAT  CNMAT Users Group and Vancouver Pro Musica  Lecture and Concert

Lecture: free 

Concert: $10 general and $5 students


4:00 pm Lecture by Barry Truax (free)

8:00 pm Concert
Fracture (1995) for tenor saxophone and 4-channel signal processing by Bruce Bennett; l'autre (1998) for 8-channel tape by Edmund Campion; An Ty (1994, rev. 1998) for 8-channel tape by Eric Marty;The Carnelian Sea for voice and tape by Sue McGowan; Pendler for 8-channel tape by Barry Truax;Strings for 8-channel tape by Scott Wilson; Strange Attraction (1995, rev. 1998) by Michael Zbyszynski

Saturday, April 25

 4:00 pm Lecture/demonstration by Chris Rolfe (free)

8:00 pm Concert

  CNMAT   CNMAT Users Group and Vancouver Pro Musica  Lecture and Concert

Lecture: free 

Concert: $10 general and $5 students

4:00 pm Lecture/demonstration by Chris Rolfe (free)

8:00 pm Concert (see April 24 above)

 Sunday, April 26  2:00 pm Concert    CNMAT   CNMAT Users Group and Vancouver Pro Musica Concert $10 general and $5 students (see April 24 above)

March 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
Monday, March 16 8:00 PM Hertz Hall Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players Concert


$4 UC Berkeley students

$6 students, seniors, UC Berkeley staff & faculty, groups of 10+

The UC Berkeley Department of Music announces the formation of a new professional contemporary music ensemble, the Berkeley Contemporary Music Players and its first concert on Monday evening, March 16 at 8:00 in Hertz Hall on the Berkeley campus.

The program will present works by UC Faculty composer Cindy Cox (Primary Colors for violin, clarinet and piano), graduate student composer Keeril Makan (Whiskey Failure for chamber ensemble) and former faculty composer Ernest Bloch's Suite for Cello. In honor of the seventieth birthday of Gyorgy Ligeti, two works will be performed: the Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano and the Etudes for organ. The concert will close with a performance of the seldom heard Suite, Op. 29 for seven instruments by Arnold Schoenberg.

Soloists in the concert will be Emil Milan, cello (Bloch) and John Butt, organ (Ligeti). Other performers will be Julie McKenzie, flute, Peter Josheff , Scott Anderson and Diane Maltester, clarinet, Chris Cooper, Horn, Marty Simonds and Karen Bentley, violin, Kurt Rohde, viola, Karen Rosenak, piano and David Milnes, conductor.

 Friday, March 20  8:00 PM  CNMAT Thomas Buckner  Concert


$6 students

Thomas Buckner has won a special niche as a leading performer and producer of avant garde music. He has established himself at the forefront of new music, commissioning and performing the works of emerging and established composers. He works regularly with composers Robert Ashley, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Roscoe Mitchell, David Behrman, David First, Mel Graves, Annea Lockwood, Daniel Rothman, Thurman Barker, Henry Threadgill, Tom Hamilton and many others.

TOM HAMILTON - Off-Hour Wait State
ALVIN LUCIER - Music for Baritone with Slow Sweep
Pure Wave Oscillators
"BLUE" GENE TYRANNY - Somewhere in Arizona 1970
DAVID WESSEL - Situations I

 Saturday, March 21  8:00 PM  CNMAT  Maestro Shafqat Ali Khan, vocal, son of Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, with accompanying musicians  Concert


$6 students

 Evening of classical Indo-Pakistani vocal music.
 Thursday, March 26  7:00 PM  CNMAT  David Zicarelli & MSP  Party  Free  MSP users in or near the San Francisco Bay Area are invited to attend an MSP party at CNMAT, UC Berkeley next Thursday, March 26 at 7PM. If you're interested in attending, please RSVP by sending e-mail to or by leaving a message at (408) 457-0211.
 Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28  8:00 PM  Alliance Française
1345 Bush St.
San Francisco
 Laetitia Sonami & Marie Goyette  Concert $10 General admission

$8 for members & academic ID

Music unlike anything you've ever heard, using an intrument unlike any you've ever seen.

The Alliance Française de San Francisco, The Cultural Services of the French Consulat and the Goethe Institut present:

French composer Laetitia Sonami
Canadian composer Marie Goye

For more info click here.

February 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
February 9

Concert at 8 pm

Pre-concert discussion at 7 pm

Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena S.F. Contemporary Music Players Concert Tickets: $16; $11 seniors; $6 students A special collaboration between the S.F. Contemporary Music Players and CNMAT brings together radical advances in electronics with the warmth and expressiveness of acoustic instruments in an evening of electro-acoustic music from around the world. Highlights include Nicolas Vérin's Instabile, conducted by Linda Bouchard; Jonathan Harvey's Soleil Noir/Chitra; a stunning work for electronics and flute composed by Kaija Saariaho, one of Finland's leading composers; Edmund Campion's delightful Losing Touch; and Laetitia Sonami's performance of her own piece Has/Had, featuring the lady's glove.
 Monday, February 23  8:30 pm  CNMAT Vijay Iyer, piano, and Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto saxophone  Concert  $5  Award-winning Indian-American pianist and composer Vijay Iyer performs in duo settings with two of his most brilliant colleagues, who are also up-and-coming Asian-American creative musicians. On Monday, February 23, Iyer is joined by the New York-based alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa, who makes his first Bay Area appearance. Also of Indian descent, Mr. Mahanthappa has performed with the likes of Jack DeJohnette, Steve Coleman, Von Freeman, and Fareed Haque, and has been described by tenor titan Joe Lovano as "one of the freshest, strongest young voices on the alto saxophone that I've heard in a long time." Iyer and Mahanthappa have performed around North America as a duo, performing original jazz compositions and improvisations that draw from their Indian ancestry as well as their experiences as people of color. Mahanthappa also appears on Vijay Iyer's brand-new compact disc, "Architextures" (Asian Improv Records AIR 0034), the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 1995 debut, "Memorophilia" (AIR 0023).
 Thursday, February 26  8:30 pm  CNMAT Vijay Iyer, piano, and Miya Masaoka, koto  Concert  $5 On Thursday, February 26, Iyer teams up with his longtime collaborator, kotoist/sound artist/improvisor Miya Masaoka. One of the Bay Area's shining stars, Ms. Masaoka has performed worldwide with Pharaoh Sanders, L. Subramanian, George Lewis, Cecil Taylor, Fred Frith, Paul Plimley, and many others, and has recently released a trio album with Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille. Iyer and Masaoka will perform improvised duos, original compositions, and, most likely, pieces by their mutual favorite, Thelonious Monk.

January 1998

Date Time Location Who What Cost Details
Friday, January 30 8 pm Manhattan School of Music Edmund Campion Concert TBA Edmund Campion will perform Natural Selection, his work for piano and interactive electronics, at the Manhattan School of Music with the New Music Consort.