CNMAT's ICMC 2000 Presentations


Workshops and Panels

 Title Organizer Details
Analysis/Synthesis Comparison SessionMatthew WrightSee web page
Collaborative Composition for String Instruments and Live ElectronicsHugh Livingston


Papers, Posters, and Demos

 Title Primary Author Additional Authors Text Type
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT): Studio Report

Richard Andrews abstract, pdfStudio Report
An Open Architecture for Real-time Music SoftwareAmar ChaudharyAdrian Freed, Matthew Wrightabstract, pdfDemo
Scalable Connectivity Processor for Computer Music Performance SystemsRimas AvizienisAdrian Freed, Takahiko Suzuki, David Wesselabstract, pdfDemo
Musical Applications of New, Multi-axis Guitar String SensorsAdrian FreedOsman Isvanabstract, pdfDemo
A New Music Keyboard featuring Continuous Key-position Sensing and High-speed Communication OptionsAdrian FreedRimas Avizienisabstract, pdfDemo
Extensions and Applications of the SDIF Sound Description Interchange FormatDiemo SchwarzMatthew Wrightabstract, pdfPoster
An XML-based SDIF Stream Relationships LanguageMatthew WrightAmar Chaudhary, Adrian Freed, Sami Khoury, Ali Momeni, Diemo Schwarz, David Wesselabstract, pdfShort Paper
Music as HandWerk, the middle way between Vorhandenheit and ZuhandenheitDominique Richard 

abstract, pdf

Long Paper


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