CNMAT's ICMC99 Papers

 Title (click for abstract)  Principal  Authors  Type Text
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT): Studio Report Richard Andrews   Studio Report htmlpdf
Gestural Control of a Real-Time Physical Model of a Bowed String Instrument Stefania Serafin Richard Dudas, Marcelo M. Wanderley, Xavier Rodet Short Paper pdf
Spectral Line Broadening with Transform Domain Additive Synthesis Adrian Freed   Short Paper htmlpdf
Musical Applications of New Filter Extensions to Max/MSP Tristan Jehan Adrian Freed, Richard Dudas Demo htmlpdf
Second-order recursive oscillators for musical additive synthesis Todd Hodes Adrian Freed Short Paper htmlpdf
Volumetric Modeling of Acoustic Fields for Musical Sound Design in a New Sound Spatialization Theatre Arnold Kaup Adrian Freed, Sami Khoury, David Wessel Short Paper htmlpdf
Cross-Coding SDIF into MPEG-4 Structured Audio Matthew Wright Eric D. Scheirer Long Paper htmlpdf
Supporting the Sound Description Interchange Format in the Max/MSP Environment Matthew Wright Richard Dudas, Sami Khoury, Raymond Wang, David Zicarelli Short Paper htmlpdf

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