Max/MSP Night School 1998

CNMAT hosted a week-long night school in July of 1998 on Max and MSP. The instructors were David Zicarelli, David Wessel, Leslie Stuck, Richard Dudas, and Matthew Wright.

Many example patches were written for and during the class. The classroom was equipped with a projection system for the computer screen, so these patches were shown running live, and the instructors explained the patches during each class. Some of the patches were built on the fly during each class. CNMAT made these patches available for download, mostly as a service to the students.

Examples include additive synthesis, FM, sample playback synthesis, granular synthesis, looping, Karplus/Strong waveguides, event/signal conversions, real-time sampling, frequency domain fun, convolution, and all kinds of Max tricks for complexity control, dealing with lists, etc.

Keep in mind that these are not tutortials. They're basically undocumented and terse. You would understand them a lot better if you had been in the class!