The OpenSound Control Kit

Welcome to the home page for the OpenSound Control Kit.


The current version of the OSC Kit is 1.0

(For Mac) Stuffit Archive

(For Unix) Compressed tar file


Wright, "Implementation and Performance Issues with OpenSound Control", ICMC 1998. This paper describes the Kit and how to use it.

Freed and Wright, "Open SoundControl: A New Protocol for Communicating with Sound Synthesizers", ICMC 1997. This paper describes the OpenSound Control protocol.


HTML version of slides that Matt Wright used when he presented the OSC Kit at ICMC98.

Tools for Writing OSC Clients

If all your program does is generate OSC messages to send to another program, you're writing an OSC client, which is a lot easier than writing an OSC server. In this case you don't need the whole OSC Kit. Instead, get these two files, which provide an API and library for constructing OSC messages procedurally, abstracting away the bits and bytes of the OSC format.

OSC-client.h - All the documentation for this very simple API exists as comments in this .h file. Read this and you should be all set.

OSC-client.c - Code that implements the creation of OSC messages. You shouldn't need to read this to use it.

OSC-timetag.h - Header file defining operations on 64-bit OSC time tag values. You may need to edit this file depending on whether or not your machine supports 64-bit integers.

OSC-timetag.c - Two implementations of everything in OSC_timeTag.h: one for machines with 64-bit ints and another using a struct with two 32-bit ints.

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