Melvyl for Computer Music Research

Melvyl, UC Berkeley Library catalog system is an essential tool for our research. Unfortunately, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the computer music field, searches must be performed across multiple databases. Here is a guide to some of the data bases and the journals in our field that are indexed therein.

 Journal Melvyl Catalogs UCB Holdings
 Computer Music Journal RILM, CC,HRNL Music
 Proceedings of the ICMC RILM,PAPL,PROC ?s
 JASA,Acustica, Acta Acustica, etc. INSPEC,CC,JRNL Engineering
Applied Ergonomics CC
Leanardo ART, CC Music
Library of Congress Recordings GDOC
History of Musical Instruments, Computer Music, etc. HSCI
C Users Journal COMP s
Journal of AES JRNL, CC, INSPEC Engineering
Journal of Music Perception, Psychomusicology,
Music Instruction, Dissertations