ICMC2000 Analysis/Synthesis Comparison Session

There was an "Analysis/Synthesis Comparison" panel session at ICMC2000 in Berlin.

Matthew Wright was the moderator, and these were the participants:

The participants in the panel contributed a collection of 27 sounds to analyze.

All results are in the Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF); one of the main accomplishments of this effort was that all six of these analysis/synthesis systems can now output SDIF data.

Mostly, each participating analysis/system analyzed each sound file, so there are almost 6*27=162 resulting SDIF files.

The slides for the panel session include basic info on each system and a series of questions that were posed to the panel as a whole.

There was an extensive writeup of this panel session (along with all the other ICMC2000 panel sessions) in the journal Organised Sound, thanks to Leigh Landy. Here's the reference: Wright, M., J. Beauchamp, K. Fitz, X. Rodet, A. Röbel, X. Serra, and G. Wakefield. 2000. “Analysis/Synthesis Comparison,” Organised Sound, 5(3): 173-189. Sound examples to accompany this paper can be found here.

The Results

The following results of the comparison are available online:


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