Sounds to Analyze

for the ICMC2000 Analysis/Synthesis Comparison Session

updated 3/26/03

What are these sounds?

There was a special session on Analys1is/Synthesis at ICMC2000 in Berlin. We demonstrated the results of different analysis/synthesis techniques and software packages analyzing a common pool of input source material. This page contains the sounds that were analyzed.

This tar file contains all the sounds (and the one SDIF file): all-sounds.tar.gz (5.4 MB)

Sounds by category

Category Description Length (sec) Sampling Rate Sound File Contributor
Feline Angry Cat 5.78 44.1 angry_cat.aiff (510K) Kelly Fitz
Harmonic single note Trumpet note 2.43 44.1 trumpet.aiff (215K) James Beauchamp
Harmonic monophonic phrase Abbie Conant flutter-tonguing a trombone 2.39 44.1 conant-trommbone-flutter.aiff (211K) Matt Wright
Harmonic monophonic phrase Saxophone phrase with interesting articulation 3.97 22.05 leonard.trim.aiff (175K) James Beauchamp
Harmonic monophonic phrase Same clarinet phrase as "deplus", no reverb 1.85 22.05 harris.trim.aiff (82K) James Beauchamp
Harmonic monophonic phrase with noise Musical phrase played on a suling flute 7.86 44.1 suling-phrase.aiff (693K) Ron Smith
Harmonic monophonic phrase with noise Shakuhachi 13 48 shaku.aiff (1248k) Xavier Rodet
Harmonic monophonic phrase with reverb Clarinet phrase "deplus", lots of reverb 1.79 22.05 deplus.trim.aiff (79K) James Beauchamp
Harmonic monophonic phrase on a polyphonic instrument Art Tatum piano excerpt (monophonic line) 2.69 44.1 tatum.aiff (238K) Adrian Freed
Harmonic monophonic phrase on a polyphonic instrument Acoustic guitar playing a monophonic line 2.55 44.1 brokendownengine.aiff (225K) Adrian Freed
Noisy Matt Wright biting into an apple 0.9 44.1 applebite2.aiff (80K) Matt Wright
Noisy reattacked string Berimbao 3.5 44.1 berimbao.aiff (309K) Xavier Rodet
Percussive, reattacked Bongo Roll 1.25 44.1 bongo_roll.aiff (111K) Kelly Fitz
Percussive, noisy, high Xylophone 0.781 44.1 xylo.aiff (69K) Xavier Rodet
Percussive, noisy, low A low bass drum note 2.52 44.1 bassdrum.aiff (222K) Xavier Rodet
Percussive, partially inharmonic Piano note 3.13 22.05 piano.aiff (138K) James Beauchamp
Percussive, inharmonic Low gamelan gong (with fade-out) 5.65 44.1 gamelan-gong.aiff (498K) Ron Smith
Polyphonic glissando Harp glissando 5.13 44.1 harp_descend.aiff (453K) Kelly Fitz
Polyphonic singing Chorus singing Webern 5.33 44.1 webern_choral.aiff (470K) Kelly Fitz
Polyphonic unison, buzzy Snippet of a tampura drone 0.994 44.1 tampura.aiff (88K) Xavier Rodet
Singing Shafqat Ali Khan singing a phrase from Raga Derbari 1.63 44.1 shafqat-derbari.aiff (144K) Matt Wright
Singing into a Flute Singing into and playing a flute at the same time 1.63 44.1 flute+voice.aiff (144K) Adrian Freed
Singing/Yodelling "Toby" yodelling 1.47 22.05 toby_yodel.trim.aiff (65K) James Beauchamp
Singing polyphonic unison Sopranos 1.87 44.1 sop6a6.aiff (165K) Xavier Rodet
Speech Erika Bauer's cute giggle 0.971 44.1 giggle.aiff (86K) Matt Wright
Speech Shafqat Ali Khan saying "research" 0.695 44.1 research.aiff (61K) Matt Wright
Synthetic 10 simultaneous chirps, synthesized from this SDIF file 0.21 44.1 screw.aiff (19K) Matt Wright