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The CNMAT Users Group, CCRMA, and CARTAH

present a series of concerts and colloquia of electro-acoustic music


Friday 23 & Saturday 24 April and Friday 14 & Saturday 15 May 1999

Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT)


Thursday 29 April 1999

Campbell Recital Hall

at Stanford University


Tuesday 18 May 1999

Meany Theater

at the University of Washington

The events...
Friday 23 April 1999 
8:00PM Concert I
Saturday 24 April 1999 



Colloquium with Richard Karpen

Concert II

Thursday 29 April 1999
Campbell Recital Hall at Stanford University
8:00PM Concert III
Friday 14 May 1999 CNMAT 8:00PM Concert IV
Saturday 15 May 1999 
8:00PM Concert V
Monday 17 May 1999 Music Department at the University of Washington 1:30PM Lecture/Demonstration with Bruce Bennett and Hugh Livingston
Tuesday 18 May 1999 Meany Theater at the University of Washington 8:00PM Concert VI

The composers & their music...
Linda Antas
  • Still, Yet, Again
    for computer-realized sound
  • Never time for not 
    for flute and computer-realized sound
  • A River from the Walls 
    for flute and computer-realized sound 
Bret Battey
  • On the Presence of Water 
  • for computer-realized sound and video 
  • Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion 
    for flute and tape
  • Writing on the Surface 
    for quadraphonic computer-realized sound 
Bruce Christian Bennett
  • Fracture (1995, rev. 1998) 
  • tenor saxophone and four-channel signal processing 
  • Snakebyte (1994, rev. 1999)
  • Electronic Wind Instrument 
  • Three Sketches (1999)
    for cello and electronics 
C. Matthew Burtner
  • Incantation S4 (1997)
    for tenor saxophone and tape
Edmund Campion
  • SPELL (1998) 
    for tape
Amar Chaudhary
  • Two-tone Bell Fish (1998) 
  • for amplified flute and interactive electronics
  • Spin Cycle / Control Freak (1999)
    for interactive electronics
Richard Karpen
  • The Other 
    for tape 
  • Life Study #4 
    for tape 
  • Life Study #5 
    for tape
  • Sopra/Sotto
    for violin and electronics
Keeril Makan
  • Broken Thoughts (1998) 
    for midi piano and computers
Eric Marty
  • An Ty (1994, rev. 1998) 
    for tape
Juan Carlos Pampin
Ron Smith
  • Esquisse (1992)
  • for flute and electronics
  • Meditations (1998)
    for tape
Tom Swafford
  • String X-ing (1998)
    for violin and tape
David Wessel
  • Go Where? (1999)
    for tape
Michael Zbyszynski
  • from Sounds from the Broom Closet (1998)
    for tape

The performers...
Linda Antas flute
C. Matthew Burtner saxophones
Amar Chaudhary interactive electronics
Ching-Wen Chao piano
Christopher Jones piano
Mathew Krejci flute
Hugh Livingston cello
Ernie Mansfield EWI
Ivan Manzanilla percussion
John McGinn piano
Gary Scavone tenor saxophone
Tom Swafford violin
Vanessa Tomlinson percussion
Silvia Yee flute

The organizers...


Bruce Bennett

Richard Karpen

Juan Carlos Pampin


Our funding...


May 18 CARTAH/CNMAT Exchange Concert
Photos of the dress rehearsal (May 18) taken by UW School of Music Audio and Recording Engineer Gary Louie


Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion for flute and tape by Bret Battey

On the Presence of Water for computer-realized sound and video by Bret Battey

Fracture for tenor saxophone and electronics by Bruce Bennett