CNMAT Sponsors

CNMAT is a part of the music department at the University of California at Berkeley. The University provides our three story building on beautiful grounds overlooking the Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco bay. Professors from the University run the center and lead the teaching efforts here. The University has also been generous in providing funding for a small number of staff while the center works on developing an endowment.

Fundraising is an essential part of continuing the work at CNMAT, but since we run with a skeleton staff which must coordinate the contributions of many visiting scholars, industry residents and students, efforts towards fundraising tend to distract from optimal research and teaching progress. As such, your sponsorship and contributions to CNMAT are appreciated all the more.


Thank You

We gratefully acknowledge the support of sponsors and funding agencies that have included:

Apple Computer
California State Dept. of Commerce
Cultural Service of the French Consulate in San Francisco
Cycling 74
E-mu Systems
Gibson Musical Instruments
Grace Design
Kurzweil/Young Chang
Meyer Sound Laboratories
Pacific Bell
Phaedrus Foundation
Silicon Graphics
Sun Microsystems
Tom Austin/Sherman Clay
National Endowment for the Arts
UC Berkeley Consortium for the Arts
Wacom Technology Corporation
Zeta Music

Opportunities for Collaboration

For general discussions on the many forms collaborations may take,
contact David Wessel. Specific issues may be directed as follows: