Industrial Affiliates Program

Industrial and organizational support plays an important role in maintaining the quality of research at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at the University of California at Berkeley. CNMAT recognizes the importance of cooperation between industry and academia in maintaining the vitality of both. In turn, many industrial firms recognize the valuable resources that the research, faculty, staff, and students at the Center provide for them. Not only does this collaboration complement their own research, but this support provides an invaluable training ground for exceptionally talented young computer scientists and composers.

Broadly stated, the primary goal of CNMAT is to bring technical tools and resources to bear on musical problems and issues. Within this wide domain, our particular emphasis (and what distinguishes CNMAT from similar research centers) is performance technology and performance-related research issues and problems.


Membership in CNMAT's Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP ) is open to any firm or organization, regardless of size or location. A firm can become an Industrial Affiliate for an annual contribution of $10,000, half of which must be a cash contribution. Funds received from annual memberships are used to provide support for research, graduate students, equipment and to help meet the costs of the annual IAP Conference.


Collaboration with Faculty and Research Staff

The key benefit of the affiliates program is the personal interaction between an organization's technical and managerial staff and CNMAT's faculty and research staff (including distinguished visiting scholars) and students.

Contacts with Students Especially Skilled in Media Technology

Students who work on CNMAT research projects receive degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Cognitive Science, or Music. They are especially skilled in the audio media area and are highly sought after by industry. Membership in CNMAT's IAP offers early and regular contact with these highly qualified students.

Research Interaction

Members will have early access to research progress and results and will receive copies of all papers submitted for publication. Members are invited to attend special technical meetings and concerts throughout the year. Joint research projects with CNMAT faculty and staff are strongly encouraged.

Annual Conference

CNMAT will hold an annual conference each Spring to present and review current research by CNMAT staff, faculty, students and visiting researchers. Membership ensures that designated company representatives are invited to the conference.

Seminars, Lectures and Special events

Members will receive notices of all the above, including concerts, throughout the year.

For Further Information

Contact David Wessel.