Summer Workshop 1997: Tentative Schedule

Week 1: August 11-15

Week 2: August 18-22

All readings are from Computer Music Tutorial, Curtis Roads.

Note: This schedule is extremely subject to change.


 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Theme Welcome Sound Synthesis CAST Timbral Design Source/Filter


  • Breakfast
  • Welcome
  • Course overview
  • Building tour
  • Pedagogical goals of course
Signal representations: overview of how instruments make sound (AF) Additive Synthesis Representations + Analysis Introduction (AF) Models of sound and sonic behavior (DW+MW) Source Filter Introduction


Synthesis Survey (MW+DW):

  • Sampling
  • Subtractive
  • Granular
  • Waveshaping
  • Additive
  • FM, AM
  • Wave equation models

CAST synth demo

OSC Protocol

Additive synthesis Transformations

"BYO" plug-in mechanism


Timbre Space and Compact Control (DW+CD) Voice


Issues in Music Perception and Cognition (DW) Issues in timbral interpolation (morphing), comparison with visual morphing. (MW+DW) Resonances


 Introduction to MAX (DW+MW) Analysis I : pitch tracking, harmonic sieve, residual. (AF+MW) Analysis II: analysis for source/filter models and resonance models.


Picnic Lunch at CNMAT Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch


Overview of workshop workstations (Mac software and hardware, cards, MIDI equipment, patch bay...)

MAX Tutorials for the inexperienced and advanced MAX techniques for the experienced. (DW+MW)

Low-level additive synthesis control. Other forms of synthesis. More on MAX

3-4 pm: Guest lecturer John Meyer: "Future of Loudspeakers"

CAST transforms

BYO programming (for C programmers)

Timbre Space

SGI: SoundEditor

CAST analysis

Voice and Resonance Explorations.





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 Organizer  David Wessel Matt Wright Matt Wright David Wessel Adrian Freed
 Teachers  Adrian Freed  Adrian Freed  Adrian Freed  Cyril Drame  David Wessel
   Matt Wright  David Wessel    Matt Wright  




 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Theme   Time+Freq Domain, Signal Processing   Gestural Input Devices   Improvisation and Interaction  Flex Day I Flex Day II 


Week II overview. Who's coming to Yoshi's? Hardware, MIDI, low-level issues (AF)

Guest lecturer George Lewis: Voyager improvisation environment

Vijay Iyer: Rhythm, embodied cognition

"Panel session" on improvisation and interaction (DW, GL, VI, MW)

Possible topics include:

  • Ron Smith's "Meditations" (tape piece with spatialized CAST synthesis)
  • Organ (AF)
  • Issues in timbral interpolation (MW)
  • Advanced Max programming (DW, MW)
  • CAST's "BYO" plug-in mechanism (MW)
  • Granular synthesis (DW)

Course Review

Special Requests

Participant Demonstrations



Time and Frequency Domain Comparitive Overview: tracking filters, time stretching, Peak, E-IV sampler (DW) Piano keyboard: "Natural Selection" (EC)


Gloves (video)

Buchla Thunder (DW)

Peavey sliderbox (DW)

Tablet: (MW+DW)


AudioSculpt (EC)


Lunch Lunch (set up Zeta) Lunch (set up LCS)


Guest lecturer David Zicarelli: "Real-time Signal Processing in Max" Zeta Violin (Piece by Steven Everett) Guest lecturer Richard Zvonar: LCS sound spatialization and show control



Input Device Exploration, using Max to program gesture/sound mappings


Tools exploration: Peak, AudioSculpt Guest lecturer Don Buchla


Lab closes at 5 pm for piano tuner.
 8pm      Anthony Braxton at Yoshi's    


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 Organizer  David Wessel  Matt Wright  David Wessel  Edmund Campion  
 Teachers Edmund Campion Adrian Freed, Edmund Campion, David Wessel  Vijay Iyer David Wessel,  Matt Wright