Audio and Music Research Exploiting SGI Workstations at CNMAT

Adrian Freed, Guillermo Garcia, Guy Garnett, and David Wessel


Early in the pre-production life of the Indigo, CNMAT researchers began exploiting the audio potential of SGI workstations. This research has lead to the development of a reactive real-time sound synthesis environment. This body of tools uses a client-server architecture and includes a synthesis server called HTM, and number of synthesis methods, most notably analysis-based additive synthesis, and a programming framework for synthesis control called BYO.

In this presentation for a local chapter meeting of the AES, we describe and demonstrate a number of applications of our SGI-based sound environment. These include: Here follows the slide presentation from the meeting:

Introduction to CNMAT - David
Audio and Music Development Platforms - Adrian
Hear The Music (HTM)
Additive Synthesis -Adrian
Bring Your Own (BYO) - Adrian
Analysis Tools - Guillermo
3D Visualization tools
Conducting - Guy
Control - David