Version 4.2

The last released versions is called 4.2. This release contains an installer application which installs a particular release of Apple's Midi Manager. It also includes the latest Sample Freq. Conv. (1.0.2), and Fast Time Scale 1.0.6. These need a MacMix accelerator board. Note that this version of Fast Time Scale does not work with MacMix version 3.2.1.

Version 3.2.1

The most stable MacMix version is probably 3.2.1. I have been able to make Sample Freq. Conv 1.0.2 work with 3.2.1. MacMix quits with a type 1 error when I try to run Time Scale operations.

Speeding up MacMix Operations

Overall MacMix performance depends on integer 680xx instruction performance and disk performance.

Macintosh Accelerators boards with 68040's on them are available cheaply, around $300. MacMix won't take advantage of the optional floating point accelerator available on some of these boards so it probably is not worth the extra $100.

As for disk performance, your best start is to get a modern SCSI-2 disk drive compatible with a new Dyaxis ROM. One of the later model Quadra's does faster disk I/O than an older machine such as a Macintosh IIci.

Alan Goldwater reports good luck (especially with Fast Mix) with the disk cache replacement feature of the Connectix Speed Doubler product which costs around $55.

Known Working Macintosh Model/OS Configurations.

I am currently testing different configurations. Please let me know your MacMix version number, Macintosh Model number and OS release number so I can develop the list of known good configurations below:

 MacMix  Macintosh  OS
 3.2.1  IIfx 7.1
4.2 IIfx 7.1

Apparently MacMix works on PowerPC's, but the plug-in operations fail.

Adrian, November 1996