Dyaxis I firmware (ROM) upgrade v4.05 from Magic Sound

September 12, 1996

New Features

Support for Macintosh System 7.5 and later.

As part of this upgrade, the SCSI id used by the Dyaxis processor has been changed in firmware from 7 to 6. This means that id 6 can no longer be used for other system components. Please make sure that none of your disk drives or other SCSI devices are set to id 6 before proceeding.

Supported Drives

Several new disk drives have be added to the supported list, including the Iomega Jaz and Quantum Atlas. All the older drives will still work, but some may not be compatible with System 7.5.

Note that both the Iomega Jaz and Quantum Fireball drives occasionally show "thermal calibration" behavior when first turned on. In the Jaz, you may get a "record too hard" error after about 30 minutes of continuous recording (from cold). The Fireball sometimes stutters or clicks in playback when cold. In both cases the problem will disappear within an hour of power-up.

Bug fixes

Several bugs have been fixed relating to lost-lock dropouts in record. This has been especially troublesome with MacMix 4.2, as it sometimes could cause directory corruption. ·

General Recommendations

MacMix 3.2 is not compatible with System 7.x as it is not "32-bit clean". If you don't plan to upgrade your Mac system or add drives, ignore the following: your StuderBacker software may not be compatible and a current version of Retrospect is recommended instead. Studer Disk Utilities may not be compatible and LaCie SilverLining disk utility is recommended instead.You can also use Anubis or FWB disk utilities and formatters

Many suppliers now ship drives pre-formatted and loaded with lots of shareware and utilities, as well as a system folder. Unless your new Dyaxis drive is the only drive in your system, I recommend that you remove all these files, including the system folder. For best results, only MacMix files should be on a Dyaxis drive. As an alternative you can put the system files and shareware in a separate partition on a Dyaxis drive. The MaxMix program should also be on the system drive or partition, together with its plug-ins (time scale, etc.) and the "zeroz2" file.


This firmware is offered as a service to the user community without warranty of any kind. I am no longer a Studer employee, so don't call them with any complaints or questions. If you encounter a bug which seems firmware-related, or have other disk drives you would like to see supported, let me know. I will attempt continue this support service, but without any obligation or committment to do so.

Field-installable Upgrade Cost: $75+tax and shipping

Alan Goldwater, Magic Sound