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What is OpenSoundEdit?

OpenSoundEdit is a framework for visualizing and editing sounds in 3D. Complex sound representations are displayed as objects in three dimensional world with familiar ground and sky metaphors. Users can explore complex sound representations by viewing them from different perspectives, such as the time-domain and frequency-domain perspectives illustrated at the top of this page. Two-dimensional "cross-sections" of the sounds can be views as shadows cast onto moveable planes.

A variety of editing operations can be performed on individual components or large blocks of sound, depending on the type of sound representation being used. OSE currently supports sinusoidal tracks used in additive synthesis and resonance models, and is being extended to include other sound representations as well. It uses SDIF to read and write sound representations.

Supported Sound Representations


A version of OSE is currently available only to CNMAT users.

Papers about OSE

Amar Chaudhary's masters thesis has describes in detail the background, usage and implementation of OSE. It is available in html, PDF and Postscript formats.

OSE was featured in two presentations at ICMC98.