Andreas Luecke

Visiting Scholar in 1997
Regretfully Andreas died of cancer in December of 2000. Please address correspondence concerning his pioneering work to

I studied computers science at the polytechnical engineering college 'Technische Fachhochschule Berlin' in Berlin, Germany. I worked on my thesis 'Audio Visualization'.

Audio Visualization
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A Real-Time 3D Visualization Toolkit
for Sound and other Signals

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Design and realization (5 month) of an Open Inventor based 3D-editor and runtime simulator for a real room multimedia environment and it's integration in an existing complex authoring tool 'enclued'. Media objects (directed light, sound, sensitive region, devices, users, VRML geometry) can be edited in position, size and direction (light) and path of movement. Environemnt can be simulated with a walk through user symbol. Platform: C++/MFC/Windows NT. Company: twosuns multimedia developement gmbh, Berlin, Germany.