tsKit - A Real-Time 3D Visualization Toolkit
for Sound and other Signals

1997 - Author: Andreas Lücke


The subject of this thesis is a software toolkit to visualize and transform audio and other signals. The presented solution for this interesting intramedia problem makes use of visual computing, to enhance the understanding of auditive perception. I have developed a reusable software system for rapid prototyping called tsKit using high-end software technology for recent graphic workstations (In particular from Silicon Graphics Inc.).

The main software engineering task was to generalize a mono-media framework architecture (3D graphics library Open Inventor (Inventor-Home, Inventor-Summary) into a multimedia library capable of supporting a synchronous real-time rendering of signals as auditory and visual output. Time is established as an integrated dimension for rendering in Open Inventor.

The result of this work is a collection of objects, that are integrated in the Open Inventor architecture and can used like built-in objects by scripting scene descriptions or C++ programming. The extension offers specific features for visualizing, computing and the playback of sound signals. The tools produced in this work have many potential applications in the fields of audio signal analysis and processing, speech recognition, computer music and other fields of research.



Demonstration Data