The tsKit Reference Manual

Part of the Thesis
A Real-Time 3D Visualization
Toolkit for Sound and other Signals

Documentation of classes, applications and example files.

Property Nodes
Node classes for storing signal data and properties.
Feedback Nodes
Node classes for rendering a feedback.
GUI Nodes
Node classes building a GUI for a node.
Classes building a user interface for a node.
Object classes to transform, constrain or animate fields depending on other fields.
Internal classes for data propagation through a scene graph.
Applications and Converters.
Applications and Converters.
Some example scene graph files.
This Manual is part of the thesis
'A Real-Time 3D Visualization Toolkit for Sound and other Signals'
by Andreas Lücke, Computer Sience,
Technische Fachhochschule Berlin, Germany, 1997.

The tsKit software build in this thesis is based on Open Inventor Version 2.1.x and is available at!

For further Information about OpenInventor
from SiliconGraphics see

tsKit Version History:

Thesis version.

new classes (still alpha versions): tsDataImage, tsDataImageFile, tsImage Display.

Andreas Lücke, Technische Fachhochschule Berlin, Germany
0.1 (0.0)

alphabetic index hierarchy of classes

This page is part of the tsKit's reference manual by Andreas Lücke.
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