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2005-06             Practice for orchestra with computer. Commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra for Orchestra

                           Underground series

2005-06             Ondoyants et Divers (Wavelike and Diverse) for percussion sextet Commande d'etat with

                           Les Percussion de Strasbourg. Premiered November 22, 2005 on WDR radio

2004-05             Outside Music , for flute, clarinet, harp, vibraphone, bass and synthesizer with computer, commissioned by the Fromm

                           Music for the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players

2004-05              Hold that Thought , for string orchestra with computer, written for the Guanajuato Symphony Orchestra, Mexico.

2002-03         Melt Me So With Thy Delicious Numbers , for either solo viola, solo cello,
                     solo violin, with interactive computer system

2001-02        Me , for Baritone and interactive computer system,
                            commissioned by the CIRM in Nice, France

                     ADKOM ( A Different Kind of Measure), for percussion quartet,
                            commissioned by the Drumming ensemble in Porto, Portugal

                     Persistent Vision , interactive computer music with dance

2000-01         Ellipsis , for piano, choir and tuned glasses (installation)

                     Sons et Lumières , video, player piano, and eight-channel tape, (installation)

                     Corail (coral), tenor saxophone and live electronics

                     Natural Selection V , midi-piano and reactive computer (interactive performance piece)

                     Name Calling II , sampler keyboard and spoken text (installation)

1999-00        Domus Aurea , vibraphone and piano

                     Ellipsis II, piano, chorus, and electronics (museum installation)
                     Metronome, electronic sound installation for Union Square, NYC

                     Playback, saxophone, vibraphone, bass, live electronics, and six dancers (revised for international tour)

1998-99         Playback, ensemble and live electronics
                                 (evening-length work with choreographer Francois Raffinot), commissioned by IRCAM and SACD

1997-98         l'Autre , horn, 2 percussion, harp, soprano/narrator and tape, commissioned by Radio France
                     Spell, stereo tape, for radio
                     Natural Selection III , piano and interactive electronics, commissioned by the Center for New American Music
                     Overheard , carillon duet, for the Fifth Berkeley International Carillon Festival
                     Astronomia II , marimba and quadraphonic tape, for electronics
                     Castaways , eight channel tape, composed for the West Coast Electroacoustic Exchange (installation)
                     CD recording, Losing Touch , IRCAM Les Années 90

1996-97         Flood Stage at the Memory Theatre, electronics (art installation),
                     Natural Selection II , interactive computer music composition (interactive performance piece)
                     Le Petit Mort , interactive computer music, with poet John Campion (installation)
                     Musica , flute, bass clarinet/clarinet, marimba, and piano, commissioned by The New York New Music Ensemble

1996              Natural Selection , piano with interactive live electronics, (interactive performance piece), commissioned by IRCAM

1995              Quadrivium, four pieces for instruments and electronics (fourth piece completed in 1997)
                                 Mathematica , flutes with quadraphonic tape  
                                 Geometria , solo clarinet
                                 Astronomia , marimba with quadraphonic tape
                                 Musica , flute, bass clarinet/clarinet, marimba, and piano, commissioned by The New York New Music Ensemble

1994              Losing Touch , solo percussion and electronics  ( Editions Billaudot Paris--Theodor Presser USA)    

1993              What goes Up... , eleven instruments with electronics, commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Festival

1992              Accordion , Orchestra
                     A Treasured Collection of Eddies (ATCOE) , fl./picc., clr./b.clr, perc., pn., vln., vc.,
                     Fast Eddie , piano solo
                     Mannequin , Harpsichord and Bass Clarinet

1991-92         Theodore Presser, USA/Henry Lemoine Editions, Paris
                                          Répétition 75
, flute and clarinet
                                          Rounds , five alto saxophones and tape
                                          Encore des Ronds, eight cellos
                                          No Ping-Pong , clarinet, oboe, and tape

1990              A Complete Wealth of Time (ACWOT), two pianos  

1989              Finished , piano solo
                     Tex Tac Tile , piano solo 

1988              Stringing the Bow , string quartet




Performances of Compositions


1988              Stringing the Bow , Cassatt String Quartet, Miller Theatre (Dec.)

1989              Finished , Tuija Hakkila, Merkin Hall, New York City (Jan.)
                                   Jean-Bernard Marie, the BBC in London (Sept.)
                     Tex Tac Tile , Edmund Campion, Miller Theatre, New York City

1990-91         Répétition 75 , Pierré-Andre Valade, flute, Dominique Vidal, Clarinet, Radio France and The American Embassy in Paris (May)
                     No Ping-Pong , Ventures Duo, Frankfurt Germany (Dec.)

1992              Accordion , Tanglewood Orchestra
                     A Treasured Collection of Eddies (ATCOE)
                                 Tanglewood Music Center
                                 Sonic Boom Festival with the New York New Music Ensemble
                     Fast Eddie , Martine Joste, Radio France (May)
                     Rounds , Mathias Gubler, Radio Suisse, Basel   (May)  
                                 Paul Wehage, Paris

1993              A Complete Wealth of Time (ACWOT) , Music Mobile, New York City
                     What goes Up... , Tanglewood Music Center, Brad Lubman, conductor
                     Encore des Ronds , Tempo di Cello, Beauvais, France

1994              A Treasured Collection of Eddies , Darmstadt Summer Institute,
                     What goes Up... , Chicago Contemporary Players, Ralph Shapey, conductor

1995              A Treasured Collection of Eddies , Dinosaur Annex, Boston, John Harbison (April)
                     Losing Touch , Vincent Limouzin, IRCAM, Paris (Jan.)
                                 Daniel Druckman, Miller Theatre, NYC (April)
                                 Vincent Limouzin, IRCAM, Paris (June)
                     Quadrivium (four pieces for instruments and electronics)            
                                 Mathematica , Lauren Weiss, flutes, American Academy (June)
                                             New York University, Kobe/Japan, Bratislava/Slovak)
                                 Geometria , David Keberle, clarinet, American Academy (June)
                                          Astronomia , Vincent Limouzin, marimba, American Academy (June)
                     What goes Up..., Avanti Chamber Ensemble, Helsinki Biennale (March)

1996              Natural Selection, Edmund Campion, piano, IRCAM, Paris (June)

1996-97         Losing Touch , Meltdown Festival, Royal Festival Hall, London (July) The New York New Music Ensemble (NYNME)
                                             University of Pennsylvania (Sept.)
                                             University of Maryland (Oct.)
                                 The New Millennium Ensemble, UC Berkeley (Nov.)
                                 Dinosaur Annex
                                             University of New Hampshire (Feb.)
                                             First Church, Boston (Feb.)
                     A Complete Wealth of Time ,   New Millennium Ensemble, Columbia University (Nov.)
                     Mathematica, Xavier Chabot, Rensselaer Polytechnic (Feb.)
                                 Ensemble Court-Circuit, Nanterre, France (March)
                                 Ensemble Court-Circuit, Paris, France (March)
                     Flood Stage at the Memory Theatre , (sound installation in collaboration with sculpture and poetry), A&M University
                     Nat-Sel II , Edmund Campion, piano, CNMAT (three performances)
                     Le Petit Mort , Edmund Campion and John Campion
                                 Garden of Memory II, Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland (June)

1997-98         Natural Selection III , Edmund Campion, piano
                                 Center for New American and International Music, NYC
                     Losing Touch , San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (Feb.)
                                 John Ferrari, New York City, (May)
                                   ICTUS Ensemble, 3 performances, Georges Pompidou Center, Paris, France, (June)
                     Astronomia II , Earplay Ensemble, UC Berkeley (April)
                                 Daniel Kennedy, California State University, Sacramento (April)
                     Mathematica , Beata Glinka, ICMC, Thessaloniki, Greece (Sept.),
                                 Earplay Ensemble, UC Berkeley (April)
                     Geometria , Earplay Ensemble, UC Berkeley (April)
                     Musica , New York New Music Ensemble, Columbia University (Nov.)
                     Earplay Ensemble, Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco (Nov.) Earplay Ensemble, UC Berkeley (April)
                     Spell , Beyond the Proscenium, UC Berkeley (April)
                                 West Coast Electroacoustic Exchange (WCEE), CNMAT (April)

1998-99         Castaways , WCEE, UC Berkeley, CNMAT, (April)
                     Name calling , Edmund Campion and John Campion
                                 Garden of Memories, Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland
                     Losing Touch , ICTUS Ensemble, Porto, Portugal (July)
                                 Migual Bernat, Valencia, Spain (July)
                                 Daniel Ciampolini, Klangspuren festival, Austria (Sept.)
                                 Eli Shapiro, ICMC 98,   Michigan
                                 Miguel Bernet, Paris (Oct.)
                                 Eli Shapiro, University of Michigan (Nov.)
                                 Florent Jodelet, Radio France, Paris (Jan.)
                                 The Fromm Players at Harvard, Harvard University (March)
                                 Laurent Vieuble, Festival Musiques en Scene, Lyon, France (March)
                                 University of California, Santa Cruz (April)
                                 University of the Pacific, Stockton California (April)
                                 Kuniko Kato, Oxford Contemporary Music Festival, England (March)
                                 Jean Geoffroy, Agora Festival, IRCAM (June)
                                 Daniel Ciampolini, IRCAM (June)
                     Stringing the Bow , Berkeley Art Center (July)
                     No Ping Pong , Berkeley Art Center (July)
                     Repetition 75 , Berkeley Art Center (July)
                     Mathematica , Tod Brody, UC Davis (Nov.)
                                 Alejandro Escuer, Mexico City (August)
                                 Girolamo De Simone, Acquario Romano, Rome (Dec.)
                                 Young Ock LIM, Computer Musica Festival, Seoul (Dec.)
                                 Catherine Bowie, Agora Festival, IRCAM (June)
                     L'Autre , Continuum Ensemble, Joel Sachs conducting
                                 Radio France, Paris (Feb.)
                     Spell , CNMAT (April)
                     Playback , (seven evening-length performances), Agora Festival, IRCAM, Paris, June 7-June 13

1999-00         Playback , IRCAM production, Lausanne, Switzerland (Sept.)
                     Losing Touch , Paulo Oliveira, Porto, Portugal (Sept.)
                                 Grupo de percussao, Porto, Portugal (March)
                                 Kuniko Kato, Tokyo, Japan (March)
                                 Florent Jodelet, Geneva, Switzerland (March)
                                 Benoit Gaudelette, Metz, France (March)
                                 Daniel Druckman, Westport Arts Center, Connecticut (May)
                                 Daniel Druckman, LA County Museum, Los Angeles (May)
                     Work for Saxophone and Interactive Electronics
                                 Michael Zbyszynski, Stanford University (April)
                                 Michael Zbyszynski, CNMAT, UC Berkeley (April)
                     A Complete Wealth of Time , Gloria Cheng and Vicki Ray
                                 Green Umbrella Series, Los Angeles (Dec.)
                                 Cornell University (Feb.)
                                 Bucknell University (Feb.)
                                 Weis Center for the Performing Arts (Feb.)
                                 Syracuse University (Feb.)
                     Playback , IRCAM production, Metz, France (March)

2000-01         Ellipsis , PS1/Museum of Modern Art, NYC, July-September
                     Losing Touch, Steve Schick, Academy of Music, Kracow, Poland   (July)
                                 Steve Schick, Chartreuse de Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, France (July) Steve Schick, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland
                                 Miguel Bernat, Sound Lines Festival, Portugal (Aug.)
                                 Daniel Druckman, Festival of New American Music (Sept.)
                                 Miguel Bernat, Sevilla, Spain (Oct.)
                                 Russell Greenberg, UC Berkeley (Oct.)
                                 Christopher Deane, University of North Texas (Nov.)
                                 Miguel Bernat, Festival of Music of the 20th Cent., Portugal (Nov.) Christopher Deane, University of Texas, Austin (Nov.)
                                  Daniel Druckman, Sarah Lawrence College (Feb.)
                                 Daniel Druckman, Merkin Concert Hall NYC (Feb.)
                                 Ensemble TM+, Maison de la Musique, Nanterre, France (March)
                                 Daniel Ciampolini, Centre Pompidou, France (June)
                                 Daniel Ciampolini, Clermont Ferrand, France (June)
                     Domus Aurea ,   soloists of the Ensemble Intercontemporain, Centre Pompodou, France (Nov.)
                                 William Winant and Karen Rosenak, TEMPO Festival, UC Berkeley (June)
                     Mathematica , Lauren Weiss, Brandeis University (May)
                     Corail (Coral) , Vincent David, TEMPO Festival, UC Berkeley (June)
                                 Vincent David, Agora Festival/IRCAM, France (June)
                     Sons et Lumières , TEMPO Festival, UC Berkeley, (June)
                     Natural Selection V , TEMPO Festival, UC Berkeley (June)
                     l'Autre , David Milnes conductor, TEMPO Festival, UC Berkeley (June)
                     l'Autre , The ASCAP 2000 International distribution summary, documented radio broadcast of " l'Autre "   in over 39 countries
                     Domus Aurea and Losing Touch were "imposed" for the "Prix" of the National Conservatory of Paris.   Students in the                      conservatory are required to select and perform from a small pool of compositions that have been deemed essential repertoire by                      the National Conservatory of Paris.

2001-02         Natural Selection , Havana Cuba ICMC (September)
                                 Mei-Fang Lin, Ball State University (January 8)
                     Losing Touch , Ictus Ensemble, Touliuse France (September 9)
                                 Frederic Daumas, Marseille, France (March 28)
                     What goes up.. ., American Composers Orchestra, Miller Theatre, New York City (October 10)
                     Domus Aurea , San Francisco Contemporary Chamber Players, San Francisco (December 3)
                                 Duo Kovalis, Montreal, Canada (March 27)
                      Mathematica , Earplay Ensemble, Yerba Buena Theatre, San Francisco (February 4)
                     Persistent Vision , University Dance Theatre, Zellerbach Playhouse (April 20, 21 and 27)
                     Astronomia , Daniel Ciampolini, Cherbourg, France (April 4)
                     Corail, Steve Adams, UC Davis (April 26)
                     ADKOM ( A Different Kind of Measure), Teatro Nacional S. Joao Porto, Portugal (June 20, 21, 22)

2002-03         Natural Selection , Edmund Campion, piano, Teatro de las Artes, Mexico City (July 20)
                                 Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland (June 21)
                     Me , Musicatreize, Manca International Festival of Contemporary Music, Musée national Biblique Marc Chagall,   Nice, France
                                 Berkeley Edge Festival, Cal Performances (June 5)
                     Domus Aurea , The Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, Berkeley City Club (December 9)
                                 Society for New Music, Syracuse, New York (March 30)
                     Melt Me So.. ., Ellen Ruth Rose, Pacific Rim Music Festival (April 4)
                                 Empyrean Ensemble,   UC Davis, Mondavi Center (April 6)
                                 Empyrean Ensemble, Julia Morgan Theatrer, Berkeley (April 8)
                                 Ellen Ruth rose, Viola Fest, Davis Art Center (May 31)
                                 Danielle DeGruttola, Berkeley Edge Festival, Cal Performances (June 5)
                     Corail , Juilliard School of Music, New York City (April 7)
                     l'Autre , Berkeley Edge Festival, Cal Performances (June 5)
                     Losing Touch , Claire Edwardes, Amsterdam Conservatory (June 5)
                                 International Festival Agora, Tuilleries Gardens, Paris (June 21)


1999-00         * Losing Touch , film on Edmund Campion and the composition Losing Touch , Goethe Institute in Montreal (March)

2000-01         *Losing Touch, film on Edmund Campion and the composition Losing Touch , Musica Viva Festival, Munich, Germany (May)

Collaborative Works

1988              First Letter , Edmund Campion, piano, David Moorman, speaker (recorded May 1988)

1990              The Map a Dung Beetle Makes , libretto by John Campion, music by Edmund Campion, The MacDowell Colony

1993              Music to Turn On , Gallery installation for tape
                      Commissioned by the Künstraum Elbschloss, Hamburg

1995              Ellipsis , solo piano with choir and tuned glasses (2.5 hours) Acquario Romano, Kristin Jones/Andrew Ginzel: installation artists
                                 Edmund Campion, piano, The New Chamber Singers Rome, Italy (June)

                     Flood Stage at the Memory Theatre for electronic tape (continuous) Gallery Installation with poet John Campion and artist T.J.                                  Maybrey, Temple Center of Contemporary Art, Temple, Texas

1997              Le Petit Mort , live interactive computer music with poet John Campion Chapel of the Chimes, June, Oakland, California

2001              Name Calling II , John and Edmund Campion, TEMPO Festival, UC Berkeley (June)