Cyril Drame

Electrical Engineer  / Researcher 

Employment Objectives

To acquire a permanent position in the field of Electrical Engineering and/or Signal Processing.
Educational Background

1996 Master of Science  in Electrical Engineering,  Institut National des Telecommunications (INT), Evry, France. 


1995 Master of Science  in Acoustics, Signal Processing and Computer Science Applied to Music (with honors): 
D.E.A ATIAM  A program sponsored jointly by IRCAM (Institut de recherche et de coordination Acoustique/Musique),   UPMC-Paris VI, Universite du MaineENS, ACROE and Telecom Paris under the supervision of Jean-Claude  Risset. 
 Paris, France. 
1994 Bachelor of Science in applied physics, University of  Orsay Paris XI,  (with honors):   The DEUG A is a two year intensive program in mathematics and physics. 
1990  Baccalaureat serie C  (majoring in physics and math), Lycee Henri-IV - Paris


Lavoisier Fellowship from the French Ministry of  Foreign affairs 1996 and 1997 .

Work Experience
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies  CNMAT , UC-Berkeley

 Research position: My work has been focused on the application of digital signal processing and machine learning techniques, including neural networks, to real-time sound synthesis.  I used these techniques, to model the spectral behaviors of musical instruments: I have obtained very convincing results with wind and string instruments as well as with the singing voice. The related publication  as well as some  demos of this work are available on-line.  I developed this techniques on SGI  Workstation (UNIX) using Matlab and C.  I am currently porting my work to the Macintosh by writing  Max-MSP Externals in C using Code Warrior Pro.
Acoustics Laboratory of Maine University  (  LAUM ),  France
Summer 1994 
Intern: Researching the pitch accuracy of the soprano saxophone. Performed data acquisition for physical modeling.
 Acoustics and Optics of Condensed Matter Laboratory,  France
Summer 1993 
  Intern:At  University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, I worked under the direction of J.C Bacri and R.Perzynski on the behavior of ferrofluid material in a magnetic field. We published the article: "Motion of a pair of rigid ferrofluid drops in a rotating magnetic field" in Progr Colloid Polym Sci (1995) 98:124-12
College Alain Fournier, France
Spring 1995 
 Mathematics teacher: I was in charge of three classes of thirty students, in grades of 5e 4e 3e. This corresponds to students from age 13 to 16.

Publications - Presentations


October 1998
  • IRCAM, Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique, Paris, France  (Invited Lecture)
December 1998


Computer:  Langages and systems C, Matlab, Fortran, Pascal, ADA, HTML, UNIX.
                     Applications: SNNS (stuttgart neural network simulator), Max-MSP.

Languages: French: fluent
                     English: fluent
                     Creole: fluent
                     Russian: spoken, written

Interests - personal

Amateur musician (piano, voice, percussions), karate (Black Belt 1st Dan), sailing and


David Wessel: Director of CNMAT
Adrian Freed: research Director of CNMAT
Jean-Claude Risset: IRCAM
Stephen MacAdams:   Director of the Music Perception and Cognition team at IRCAM
Richard Guedj: Scientific Director of INT, former scientific director of IRCAM
Samy Khoury: Co-worker

Contact Information

2537 Regent street 
Berkeley, CA 94704 
(510) 649-7512 (phone) 
1750 Arch Street 
Berkeley, CA 94709 
(510) 643-9990 Ext 304 (phone) 
(510) 642-7918   (fax)