2339 Hilgard Avenue # 102, Berkeley, CA 94709----------------- 510-845-1324,




M.A. English (Creative Writing), Spanish Minor

University of Texas, Austin, 1979


B.A. English with honors, Philosophy Minor

University of Texas, Austin, 1976






Squaring the Circle

220 pp., TBA 1998


Where Three Roads Meet

Cedarshouse Press, Bryan, 1995


Tongue Stones

300 pp., Eco-Tropic books, Austin, 1991,

* Violet Crown Award 1992

* Austin Book Award 1990


Sippapu the Kiva an Inverted Bat

Goat-Boy Press, Austin, 1986

Latitudes Press, Ft. Worth, reprint, 1990, 1996


The Third Music

The Open Theatre, Austin, 1980




El Sueno by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Thorp Springs Press, Austin, 1983

Cedarshouse, Bryan, reprint, 1994

* BPI Award first translation in English, 1984





short fiction, TBA




SWING LOW: The life of Roger A. Givens as told to John Campion

Rev. Roger A. Givens AME Church, Georgetown, 1987






The Map a Dung-Beetle Makes (Libretto for a musical-theatre piece)

Music by Edmund Campion

Performed in Petersborough, NH 1990

Eco-Tropic Books, Austin, 1995




Ground Zero on the Road to Xibalba with Paul Wintle

A book of 30 paintings, Eco-Tropic Books, Austin, 1994






"A Sound Not Made"

Journal of Science, Berkeley, CA 1997


Ten poems TBA

Ecotropic Works, Berkeley, CA, 1998


"Moon of Popping Tree," "Siuyung, "

Poesia y Calle, Austin, 1996


"Ulysses Returns to Penelope"

Floodstage at the Memory Theatre

Exhibition book, Temple, 1995


"Gods too," "There Ceres," "Unable to pay,""Post Chernobyl," "World tree"

Place of Herons, El Paso, 1994


"Mare's Tail"

Austin American Statesman, May 24, 1993


"Mare's Tail"

The ART CENTER Exhibition book, Waco, 1993

"The phalanx of particulars"

Poesia y Calle, Austin, 1993


"Arjuna's mind," "So ashamed," "A new spirit"

Journal of Regional Criticism, Phoenix, 1992


"Since growing old," "Women are not interested,""By odor," "Do not follow"

Aileron, Austin, 1991


"minimum technology"

Austin American Statesman," Austin, May 27 1991


"The Birth"

Extramares, Austin/Lima, 1989


"El Sueno"

Duende, Austin, June 1988


"A Sound Not Made"

Tinnitus Today, Washington, December 1989


"A Little Girl Mimics the First Violin"

Duende, Austin, March 1987


"The Medicine Man Speaks," "The Twin's Knowledge"

Periplum, Austin, 1987


"The Procession"

Revista Interamericana, Puerto Rico, Winter 1986


"Sippapu the Kiva an Inverted Bat," "The Birth,""The Procession,"

"Flying Dancers," "Bamboo Dancers"

Pangaea, Austin, 1985


"The Cistern"

Pinchpenny, Boston, 1984




"Passenger and Driver," "Descent of the Merman"

Aileron, Austin, 1991


"On the Accidental Bombing"

Tilted Planet Tales, 1986


Translations: Poetry


"Barely Alive," "Step by Step"

Poesia y Calle, Austin, 1993


From El Sue§o

Duende, Austin, June 1988



Affinities, Ft. Worth, 1981


Translations: Fiction


"The Count Lugastro" by Altamirano Vega, (First in English)

From the Threshold, Studia Hispanica, Austin/Lima, 1987


Critical Essays


"Toward an Eco-Tropic Poetry," with John Herndon

Eco-tropic Books, Austin, 1990


"Mummia: Moloch: Mammon"

(Social Criticism), Duende, Austin, March 1988


"Descending Angels"

(Film Criticism of Wings of Desire), Duende, Austin, October 1988


"Mexican Phoenix"

(Literary Criticism of Juana Ines de la Cruz), Duende, Austin, June 1988




"Meditation on Ego" (an interview with Poet Robert Bonazzi),



"Knowing the Unknowable: an interview with David Wevill"

Duende, Austin, April 1988


"Toward a Sacred Place"

(an interview with Photographer John Christian

on his work with the Huichol Indians), Duende, October 1988





to be performed live and broadcast across Europe, Feb. 1998

Music by Edmund Campion

Libretto by John Campion


Le Petit Mort

Performed at the The Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, Ca. June 1997

Music by Edmund Campion

Libretto by John Campion


The Brother's Keeper

Produced at Symphony Square, Austin, 1981

Text by John Campion

Music by Edmund Campion






Floodstage at the Memory Theatre

TBA 1998,

Texas A & M University, March/April, College Station, 1997,

Cultural Arts Center,Temple, 4-8--5-7 1995

(A large installation exploring the ecotropic

relation between the sky and earth, with sculptor

T.J. Mabrey and composer Edmund J. Campion)

The folowing pieces were shown under my name:


1. Flower Wheel--poem on cotton canvas

2. Quincunx--poem on silk and cotton

3. Ulysses Returns to Penelope--poem on linen and silk

4. Prayer Rug--poem on silk

5. Alchemical Meeting--poem on papyrus

6. Rainbow Serpent--poem on papyrus

7. Food of Language--poem on papyrus

8. Phylotactic Reach--poem on papyrus

9. The Map a Dung-Beetle Makes--video

10.Ground Zero on the Road to Xibalba--book of rubbings

11.Ontogeny Recaptitulates Cosmogeny--collage on wood

12.Floodstage--200 projections

13.Uroborus--paper serpent (with T.J. Mabrey)

14.Uroborus II--words on marble (with Mabrey)


"The Birth"

Poem to be used in Photography Exhibition

The Flight of Icarus, Austin, 1998






The Map a Dung-Beetle Makes

Performed as actor in this video

by Dan Eisenberg, 1990


Ground Zero on the Road to Xibalba

video lecture and presentation of the art book

with Paul Wintle, Temple, 1995




The Room

Video of the mural by Philip Trussell, Austin, 1983

Shown on television many times




Over the past 22 years, I have read in person, on television and on the radio in numerous

countries and across the U.S., including the following locations:


The Columbarium (Oakland)

The University of Sevilla (Spain)

Shakespeare Books (Paris),

Columbia University (New York)

International House (New York)

University of California (Berkeley)

Dallas Public Library

Austin Public Library

Elizabeth Ney Museum (Austin)

Latitudes Press (Ft. Worth)

SMU University (Dallas)

Austin Community College

On Main Street (Mansfield, TX)

The MacDowell Colony (Petersboro NH)

The Anchor Pub, Berkeley,

The University of Texas at El Paso

The University of Texas at Austin

KUT Radio (Austin)

KJFK Radio (Austin)

Channel 6 (Austin)

Texas A & M (College Station)

Hyde Park Showplace (Austin)

Capitol City Playhouse (Austin)

Clear Springs Studio (Austin)

Chicago House (Austin)

Mexic-Arte (Austin)

Diverse Works (Houston)

Crest Hotel (Austin Writers League)

An Nam Literary Festival (Bryan TX)

Eagles Nest Gallery (Austin)

Hyde Park, London (England)

Christ's Church (Oxford)

Dusseldorf (Germany)

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

and many more




"Best Poet of 1996"

Austin Chronicle 1996


"Top Ten Books"

Tongue Stones first place, 1991, Where Three Roads Meet second place, 1995

Austin Chronicle


ACC Teaching Excellence Award

Nominated 1993, recipient 1993-1994


Special Honorary Award

Literary Festival Director and Writing Contest Judge

Austin Community College, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996. 1997


MacDowell Fellowship

For Poetry, Residence New Hampshire, 1990


PTK Teachers Excellence Award Nomination

Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter, 1989


Academic Excellence Award

Lakewood Bank, Dallas, 1975




Critical Thinking, Composition, Technical Writing

College of Alameda, California 1997-1998


Technical Writing, Lecturer

University of Texas, Austin, 1996-1997


Creative Writing ,Humanities courses in (myth, film, music, art, culture),

Literature I and II, American Literature I and II, British Literature I and II,

Composition I and II, Technical Writing,

Austin Community College, 1984-present


Creative Writing , Films of Luis Bunuel

Union classes, University of Texas, 1990-1991


American Literature, World Literature,

English Grammar and Language, Creative Writing

University of Seville (extencion) Spain, 1986-1987


Composition, Literature,Creative Writing,

Sponsor of literary magazine: Omphalos

St. Stephen's, Austin, 1983-1984


Humanities, Literature I and II,

American Literature I and II, Composition I and II,

University of Texas, Austin, 1976-1983


Composition, Literature,

Creative Writing, Sponsor of literary magazine: Sojourn

Mt. St. Michael's, Dallas, one year


Free-lance Writing , Literature, and Humanities seminars

colleges, businesses and individuals, continuous




Free-lance editing for magazines and publishers, current


Ecotropic Works,

Berkeley, CA, Current


Blue Star Foundation

Santa Fe, NM, Current


Eco-Tropic Books

Austin, current


The Open Theatre

Austin, current


Ecotropic Works

an Anthology of Science and Art

Ecotropic Works, Berkeley, CA, 1998


Texas History

Holt Rinehart, Austin, 1992


New York City Then and Now

Steck-Vaughn, Austin, 1988


Swing Low : Memoirs of Rev. Roger A. Givens

AME Church, Austin, 1987



The Open Theatre, Austin, 1985


Omphalos, St. Stephen's Literary Magazine

Austin, 1983


Sojourn, Mt. St. Michael's Literary Magazine

Dallas, 1977




College of Alameda, California 1997-1998


University of Texas, Austin Community Colege

Various years--1976-1997


Business Professional and Institutional Systems

Several books, titles available upon request, 1983-1984


Free-lance Technical Writing,1984-1994




Significant Brothers

Diverse projects with composer Edmund Campion


Ecotropic Works

Diverse projects illustrating the philosophy, Founder


Eco-Tropic Books

(Dedicated to work showing the relation

between culture and ecology), Co-founder, since 1989


The Open Theatre

A non-profit Arts Organization

(Involved in Performance by Poets, Dramatists,

and musicians and in Publication)

Co-founder and present Chair since 1974

















* Letters available upon request