Squaring the Circle
                      	   (Selections from)     

                            (shaken from the refuse
                                    under the 

                              John Campion 

Sky meteor seeds phylotactic reach fires oceanic grasses in the mouth between mountains-- individual bison imitate the collective herd spreading prairie culture-- humans articulate till xtian ego fencing the Large dams association. * * * Star-shaped fused with minerals from the sky's belly America fell. Many hot spots poured from Her lips great ones out.
Exposing the swollen surface... Zero lying down sky quadrant the 1st Mother is born when milk enters the ear paddlers set three stones, our cooking fire; from the cracked turtle, maize emerges to shade us. Umbilicus drags beneath the fire drill smoke rises e S e t r o h n T e P l a c e from the ground into the Heart of Sky fearing self-inflation fogged the mirror took us a part a little to give reason for thanks. so came separation and memory their union by keepers to mark the place came later called prayer.
Above we tell our selves the Serpent Rainbow twins shape the Earth --canyons mountains oceans-- ruddering in the with vortex their of the cross c --songs (a periplum) l move along the line of hills i and valleys re-creating t s MUSIC
How happy my hood is full. A baby big as a tiny walrus smiles with two teeth.
During the moon of popping trees crazy wisdom drew the illusory man into a very red cloud. Every thing is made of shadows. Though he walk over dead soldiers to the top and take a million pictures, Custer will never be real. I throw dust upon the body and dream myself into the world. The stone behind my ear keeps me real. But I will never give my picture to the likes of you.
bright moment the lovers fall a part darkens us . Our machine has a brain wings legs and a mouth that clacks a train c a d a v e z c a d a v e r over the wall memory of the animal we kill in the Maestranza.
Wandering Horseshoe Canyon shrouded with figures rising from cliff faces we seemed archetypal travelers. You were so fecund horseflies could not leave your blood alone. We ran for a mile up the canyon, biting flies streaking your chalky legs red. Humiliation rose, but I could not keep them from you no matter how I swatted or cried for your predicament. Was that why, later at my door, when you denied knowing me much less wanting to write my name in your belly or feed our child with the milk of your blood, you looked so bloodless?
* * * After rough passage, underneath, floating in the toilet bowl, ballplayers Hunahpu and Xbalanque defeat the Lords of Death.
At Sand Creek the bloody 3rd beat out the children's brains like dogs preserved the women's privates to showcase at the opera where shouts rose for a final curtain.
In the tent you checked the zipper 3 or 4 times a night slept with a knife at your side to cut your way out like a C section. The time you woke (inverted Ishmael) proclaiming the door was gone I could not hold you. You held it backward still managing to knife a slit up the wall before pushing your way through. I should've taken it as a sign. but then I guess I was distracted by the way you sucked blood off your thumb.
She is a sow cooked in the belly. Earth comes from Her. We offer the skirt of Pele --hips moving the sacred hula-- Her breath Geo- thermal holy place we're born. Thieves by night go to rob Her. Look at the inner parts you may not take whatever's hot is mine you may not take whatever's hot is sacred. The forest whispers and cries.
the bruise you burned in my arm flowered for a month blue as a morning glory black as your word wound that never heals
Under the heads of swallows necks of swans on the backs of geese under tongues of reindeer only in the giant's belly he finds the runes to tack the prow & stern. Vainamoinen strings maiden's hair on the Kantele plays through the dark wooded valleys the wolf, yea, the wolf runs.
Something coming down: Grenada printing "Gold is excellent." Rodrigo de Borja buys Rome with Fernando's. Weigh anchor off Palos Boats "Dis cover and Acquire" stuffed gunwale land that does not exist deep Quijote y Cortes Tilting with Sephardim carpenter cooper caulker grommet sawbones Pinzones y Col¢n provisioned a yr marineros 4 moons earnest W from Canaries Norward return "...In the name of all the slaves that can be sold..." copper round the neck keeps the executioner away that and suicide; it sucketh milk at the breast. Stockholders' PAID suns of gold moons of silver Arawak Maya Aztec Inca Pequot produce of Earth crystal ball shot like brains in water. "Why do you prefer to take what you may have by love?" "Whoever resisteth shall receive damnation." "What cheer?"
Numinous glyphs like Giordano shine through the trial of faith-- With the True God came the beginning of misery, forced debt enforced with lies, the beginning of vexation, strife with robbery and violence, strife with blowguns, the beginning of trampling on the people, the beginning of individual strife. Give yourself up to the Katun when the flowers of love go to the highest bidder. If you do not, you will be moved from where your feet are rooted and gnaw fruitlessly at the trunk for nourishment. Thus he who truly understands the danger will accept the truth of the New Order and go off to the privacy of the woods to practice. the brains of sky copal bright with smoke.
time capital parcels infinite space Unless you're already infected with clinical gaze (endopolic as cops) lift a city man-hole cover and perceive the infrastructural hydraulics of class war. Outside --the streets-- listen to lizard talk of young girls --skipping Mentu's rope-- health line, song of magnetic roads: "I had a little bird and its name was Enza I opened a window and in-flew-Enza." New disease vectors: media klan fascism sweat shop chemattacks the assembly line
Salamanca Eggheads damn Isabella's confessors whispering in an ear: pair gestate till the bloody show at Grenada throes Jews and Moslems into foreign gardens. Admiral of water Vice roy of land 1st to Canaries, w/o spices banks crave, Lord direct me to gentle people give all can be made free by tribute, slavery, auto de fe at San Salvador moon on white cliffs a daughter sings "let it shine." Haiti hard rock mines the Nativity with wreckage of La Santa Maria.
Bigots astonished at classless egalitarian... Iroquois Philly 1744 advise end to internecine squabbles: Union w/o executive, Speaker--by acclamation-- serves a day. Great Oral recorded in wampum belts & string; written Law narrows intention. Faithkeeper Turtle Clan lives at Onondaga; his passport is Hau de no sau nee.
The accommodating valet mocks his mirror, the dog his master. We flatten heads to join our god, coin the body coming forth in labor. The libidinous goosestepper exhibitionist to the end provokes the shopgirl to hail the fuhrer. Dick taters rize from duh mash es.
White Puppeteers egg gandy dancers down the ties tuning tracks: Suzy wear a red dress Suzy wear a blue Yonder come Suzy Think what you can do. & Birmingham aint no ham at all You oughtta see the ham my gal can draw. Where She cries a world dancing don't do nothing but slave spirit cage the body. So long have we suckled fear of freedom is the body's armor our lingua franca.
Goetic magi with portolani powder compass and will fetishize the vortex. Cadging invitations we listen to the terrible silence between bodies, as the peasant x changes affection for affectation the artist surrenders the key to C O P S & C L E R K S.
Ships carried exotica and the pest whose vector's the flea and host the rat. Macro parasites --Genghis, Venetian trade, & Etcetera-- made the poor delicious; rulers welcomed a heavenly curb on reprobates revolutionaries & Jews. The Church offered salvation for a price-- while the Pope (in safer Avignon) converted dice to rosaries, with the whip of God, pious S & M'ers took the streets chanting, "when Adam delved and Eve span."
Here salmon ran full and red and we ate together till our bellies sang. Then the white brought his money and many other things. Now we live on stamps and must increase the dosage as their doctors say. But nothing can rid us of the disease or call the fish to return from the Other Side of the World.
They're dancing in the snow by the thousands Lakota adorned with images of sky round the sacred pole. Kicking Bear Hunkpapas taught the vision of the END that scared the beejesus outta dem CAUSE they thought it might work since they deserved after what they done to themselves first and Indians second SO called out the COPS. Having sacrificed the underneath we can not leave them alone though Paiute Wovoka's thunder can not call the buffalo back nor make US disappear.
Before did Shaman become Jaguar black flashing through. Before the wash was pure brimming silver with fish. Two year we see new stars moving. Two year a road learn measles & flu hear explosions along the line-- fish die Jaguar skulk away. Shaman sickens. No one gathers medicine. We are not afraid. If settlers come we will kill them with our blowguns and our lances.
Teotihuacan teaches TLALOC-VENUS. Under Great Jaguar Paw --Spearthrower Owl-- 's brother, Smoking Frog in barbarous regalia of TIKAL [378] tears garments of gods (war to the death) from the sky becomes usurper king Uaxactun. Curl Snout--Stormy Sky's father & Great Jaguar Paw's son-- rules Tikal under aegis of Smoking Frog. Ballcourt marks TIKAL Over Uaxactun in TEOTIHUACAN style. Head/dress Sacrifice [557] Those who live by... AXEWAR CARACOL turns TLALOC-VENUS on TIKAL. Flint-Sky-God K utilizes [645] shrunken heads dangle from soldiers' hips our mothers of invention.
Marshes of Tigris and Euphrates cutters' rib reed houses float above mud islands. A woman prepares fire feeds her ovens bread. Beating hands do not keep from the flats men making super paths bulldoze mangroves, memory of hundreds of thousands; some wipe off the birds. 40 times the double-cross Valdez desert air smudges black waters absorb white sun dolphin vortices grebe and cormorant drown. Crabs suck dark reservoirs. Tongues from which no words come reach out; tide brings in the news south to quick red shrimp. For millennia fish are trapped at the ebb. No need to gather grasses or lower nets in this salt low sea.
The war is water. Tube worms bend the verticals. Hecatombs of plankton waste in the shade. Coral stars await the black death. Barracuda move below one who rises in the sky will not speak. Cuttlefish flicker with heat. Nothing compared to passions above. Slick invasion in breeding time. The toilet takes two years to flush. Urchins tear platforms (anchored at seabed) covered with algae and sponges. Fish pulse in dusky light. Sea snakes wriggle the black. An archway collapses-- filterers choke vomit, detergents kill. Toxins seep in crevices to green turtle eggs-- soldiers remark the musical ballet of tanks like females leave tracks behind. Her clutch hatch alone suffocate on tar balls.
Of great price our Pearl-- Virgins stiffen the thought; effluvia tongues deeper. Off shore spring water rises. Do not bother to go fill your bottles.
Like Mussolini he's draining the swamps. Now we will not bomb the dikes diverting water from marsh people suffocating with dust.
Skin Trade adjunct to cod many cared not for iron and steel arms some, yea to shift balances converted beaver moose otter muskrat fox raccoon mink marten lynx flooding sacred space with pandemics of whelks & quahogs. _________________________________ To have cowries is to have words.
Where are the sticks that contain the gold? Spaniards trail canyons to the sea (silver upward inland with vulcanism). Debased wampum purchased right livelihood in the market narrowed ranges cut wholesale white oak--planking black oak--underwater piles cedar & chestnut--exposed pitchpine--pitch, turpentine, rosin white pine-- MAST nailed with a doubloon of 12 signs this pole exudes unctuous lucre our mock trabajador grinds property rights from the sampo.
New World Order confines vision in the narrowest trough. The red streak Mars cut a cross a refrangible number God sets up mathematics in nature as a king laws in his kingdom, makes sure some demon doesn't make wrong numbers add up right. Cogito the ultimate I isn't the world's body denied for clear & distinct I- deas to s h i n e stripped of objects are the conquest IS the object of reason.
Unmagical realism-- mechanics di vested magi for philological grease monkeys, Calvinist assault on the Brothers; stake burnings extricate theurgic. Ex dreamer DESCARTES the visible 's march against Bohemia trumpeted the end of the noumenon-- hair billowing denial over the city extreme discipline masquerades as Maximum Therapy.
Dreams violate the principle of non-contradiction. Method goes about debugging the program ticking off nature's frangibility Scientists turn natives to profit stretching the web of particulars for maximum yield Knowledge the indwelling consciousness of our distance from nature. Lakes cannot abide their depths being plumbed. The mythic sickle cuts the line.
Old growth music a barometer de- scribes a score not unlike Stockhausen. Each over time in habits a physical and acoustic niche, a band and frequency: you the morning show I the noon she the evening. Mus[-]k or urine marks the boundaries.
Sound of an elephant heart shaking air is silence to us.) Wine-dark water layers wild diversity. Before air filled with frog pipes, crocodilians grunted miles wide. Pollutants diminish oceanic sound, the biota above and below.
World a tuning fork voices full of water- fall head "lift-up-over sounding" canopies tree The Mu sic endangered Religion thief of thunder comes. No one under 25 sings. The Riflebird has NOTHING to say.
Star Nose Mole Sampo so full of IT you put your nose in everything, on the road pointed a star at, Mother Earth Alone, blew, dug in an auger, rotated; nasturtiums relate, like each of us in a field of forces-- now we know where we're at we) gotta go.
At sight of the scorpion he dropped the reins and set fire to the universe when animals jump into water norms & measures gush. This tree speaks all languages. Let us cut it down. Sitting in the conflagration a golden boy empties his ladle full of ashes.
When she lifts Her skirt and removes Her garment, how fragrant like the green corn cooked in a pit. She gives birth to 3 talking stones-- we place ears to them hearth of resurrection. Coming to Earth through a hole she gathers loads ah ha-- the grinding stone makes flour again comal warms-- trees will not let us escape. Earth closes its mouth till we are cooked in the dish as long as the attic is centered we may learn to raise another under whose roof all may live.
Umumutani thunder moves the maidens to rise up. Rain makes the pop corn in my rain stick fall.
vagina & penis waxing & waning day into night rayas of warp and woof lead to the navel our w o r d s como los pueblos rightly placed k n o t s in the quipu or pictures along the road catch a calendar of s t a r s * where the deluded study uses of the garrotte our looms are closed; under full moon sun will break them open tomorrow.
Clinging in the face NO THING but in relation. To stake a claim annihilates dread--while deepening others we become ourselves when feelings match conditions the gap the spark leaps with synaptic faith not disembodied. Desire to force reality to happen can not obscure nor diminish. With "form the shape of content, means and registration equal" work in the world is not debased as counterfeit in the Halls of Armor and Ornament.
Quang Duc's heart never burned. Between dirt and milk stone foundation for a temple of love stone and stone wrapped with a cord from here to yonder releases with words from the sluices firm as sex light as a lotus a field of blossoms seen all outward at once.
When people speak the language of their Gods a creche naturally selected culture an inflorescence moves in an ecological niche like rivers to the mill roots connect underground when you pull one up a star sky the from falls
Reaching a lotus ladder-- ITZ The Milky Way our milled corn fertilized coral eggs float imago the abandoned track. With the old mother the new calf dives in the water.
Born between Jesuits and Moravian Brethren Sky cross Squaring the Circle I open my mouth; dew falls from heaven; in return I give dirt pure and good. Like Saturn, serpent prokaryotes midwife the future swallowing.
Nature is and our nature is the opening of a Woman leads to Xibalba. The doors of the church must open to Her.
Only one great thing sings me when I am mindful.
Light changes the desert colors-- chewed breath filled cave paintings with spittle tran substantiates-- and everything in it is medicine.
Walking Naming It-- the rocks tell me the beasts the planets the plants the water the wind-- we find our selves singing the lines here to yonder
Forest frames time the niches. Your rhythmic weeping sets a bird free.
Himalo, himalo. I make the world and it is finished. Let it go.
Till we dance again in Northern Lights playing with the head of the Walrus.
The woman with Her dragon horse divines the path to paradise
end--for now