Talks, Presentations and Papers

"Dissemination of Contemporary Music in some European Countries Compared to the US", Department of Music, UC Berkeley, December 1994

"The Composer's Dream Fulfilled? Comparing France's Governmental Support for Contemporary Music to the US." 1995 Annual Conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), Cleveland, November 1995
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"New Music and its Financing: Effects on the Programming of Ensembles and Orchestras",
Society for New Music, Berlin (Germany),February 1996

"Contemporary Music and Public Funding: A Bitter Pill Served on a Silver Platter?"
9nt International Conference on Cultural Economics, Boston, May 1996

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"Effects of Private Funding on Programming Contemporary Classical Music"
1996 Annual ARNOVA Conference, New York, November 1996

Editor of the volume "Music and Market" of a forthcoming 12 volume anthology of music in the 20th century (Laaber Verlag, Germany), forthcoming in 1998.