Creating Your Company's Future by Funding Research:
CNMAT Helps Companies Look Ahead

One of the most pressing problems facing companies today is how to keep moving forward in a rapidly changing environment of technology and consumer trends. With product cycles inevitably leveling out and dropping off, research and forward planning are essential components of the business plan if a company wishes to keep its offerings fresh, innovative, and competitive. How does an organization keep up with technological developments and maintain its "cutting edge" image without risking huge sums of money on infrastructure and personnel?

I. How a Company Benefits From a Relationship with a Research Center

A particularly successful solution is a partnership with an already established research center, usually associated with a major university. Research centers can pursue long-terms goals, devoting years of focused activity on problems and new approaches. This frees the sponsoring company to implement short-term development and marketing strategies for the resulting inventions. Funds are provided to the research center at a considerably lower level and with less risk than in-house research would cost, and the benefits derived from the relationship are many.


University research centers are constantly pushing forward into new, uncharted areas of technology. By providing financial support to a center, the company can keep an eye on current developments, sponsor projects to look into specific issues, and take advantage of emerging technologies as they develop. The innovations realized from supported research can enhance the company's product line, dramatically impacting sales and market share.


Finding and recruiting highly qualified employees is an increasingly difficult task for technologically advanced companies. Student researchers are not only highly motivated and well-versed in areas of the company's interest, they often create the very technological breakthroughs companies are seeking to distinguish themselves in the market. A university graduate student, pursuing research on a company-sponsored project, can become a valuable employee after graduation, carrying the project through development, product creation, and marketing.


A company's image among customers, investors, and peers is directly tied to the relationships it establishes with outside organizations. By supporting research, the company can attract attention and valuable "word-of-mouth" about its interests, commitments, and prospects for future growth. Linking its name with a respected research institution gives the organization an opportunity to enhance its reputation among consumers, investment partners, media contacts, distributors, and industry analysts.

Supporting research allows companies to leverage their investment dollars. By delivering technology, talent, and public awareness, the partnership model is a cost-effective choice for keeping companies profitable and moving forward.


II. CNMAT Offers Unique Opportunities for Research and Collaboration

Established as a multi-disciplinary facility within the Department of Music at the University of California, Berkeley, CNMAT houses a dynamic mixture of educational, performance, and research programs that explore the creative interaction between music and technology.


David Wessel, Director, Professor of Music, Affiliate of the Department of Psychology

Adrian Freed, Research Director

Edmund Campion, Composer in Residence, Assistant Professor of Music

Matthew Wright, Musical Applications Programmer

Richard Andrews, Administrator


Why pursue research with CNMAT?

Our resources are extraordinary

Because of our unique inter-disciplinary status within the structure of UC Berkeley, CNMAT brings together world-class talents from music, electrical engineering, computer science, psychology, cognitive science, and other disciplines. We have all of the university's expertise and experience available when designing and implementing research projects.

Facilities and research management

Our state-of-the-art studios and labs have evolved into a highly flexible and productive environment for research. Projects at CNMAT are managed by experienced professionals with both academic and business backgrounds.

Leverage of research funds

Access to grants and matching funds allow CNMAT to enhance the impact of a company's contribution. The company can fund research at a percentage of the actual project cost while enjoying the full benefit of the results.


Companies can sponsor their own employees to pursue research at CNMAT, making use of our facilities, research management, and expertise.

Licensing and technology transfer

Coordinated by the university's Office of Technology and Licensing, innovations proceed smoothly from our research lab to your product line.

By planning and implementing research projects in collaboration with CNMAT, your company can create a future with new products, experienced and talented staff, and a revitalized market presence.


For more information contact Richard Andrews at (510) 643-9990 ext. 300.