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South Asian Diasporic (Desi) Links

proXsa home page
The Progressive South Asian Exchange Network

An excellent collection of writings and links compiled by the Forum of Indian Leftists

CHAAT, a Bay Area Desi performance collective

Alternative India
Alt.India.Progressive Newsgroup
Association of Indian Progressive Study Groups (AIPSG)
BJP Government Watch
CERAS/South Asian Initiatives
Chingari Forum
Himal Magazine
India Alert
India Relief and Education Fund (IREF)
The Other India Bookstore
Progressive South Asia
Resources Against Religious Fundamentalism Page
Sadbhav Mission
Sangat Forum
Shobak: Alternative Voices of Bangladesh
South Asia Citizens Web
South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection (SAMAR)
South Asian Peace and Non-Violence Association (SAPNA)
South Asia Solidarity Group
South Asian Women for Action (SAWA)
South Asian Women's Network (SAWNET)

South Asian American launch pad (links)
The Subcontinent Homepage
UCB Center for South Asian Studies
Carnatic Music Homepage

I n f u s i o n
(a webzine for the global, mobile, cyber South Asian)

Music links

an Asian-American independent creative-music label
featuring Francis Wong, Miya Masaoka, Mark Izu, Jeff Chan, Vijay Iyer, others

an assortment of independently produced recordings from the Bay Area
featuring artists Liberty Ellman, Vijay Iyer, Frame, and others

an independent record label of west-coast creative musicians

another independent record label and distributor

C. K. Ladzekpo, a West African master musician and teacher

Anthony Braxton & the Tri-Centric Foundation
Ornette Coleman's Harmolodic Website
The AACM: Great Black Music

Steve Coleman and M-Base
Greg Osby and Street Jazz

Liberty Ellman, guitarist, composer, s ound designer, web designer
Kash Killion, multi-instru mentalist & composer
Miya Masaoka, kotoist, sound artist, & composer
Andy Milne, pianist & composer
James Weidman, pianist

Thelonious Monk
Duke Ellington
Huge Charlie Parker discography
(thorough, with so-so commentary)
John Coltrane links
Coltrane and spirituality
(an essay by Emmet Price)
Annotated Cecil Taylor discography
(by Damon Short, a true fan)
Cathy Austin's Nubian Roots
(radio playlists, reviews, and great discographies of Geri Allen & Andrew Hill!)
Gallery 41
(Photography, interviews, and audio clips of musicians, compiled by Ron Pelletier
including pieces on George Lewis, Max Roach, Zakir Hussain, Vijay Iyer, and many others)
Mario's Music Links
Black Arts Research Center

a comprehensive directory of Internet websites of particular interest to persons of African descent

Music and Audio Technology Projects to Stir Your Imagination
(by Adrian Freed)
Auditory Perception Laboratory
Third Culture Copenhagen
(An exemplary nexus of arts and sciences)

Vijay Iyer's music listening habits
current & past favorites

Friends' pages

Derth Adams, cinematographer & interactive designer
Jeff Brock, bassist & mathematician
Jeff Bilmes, bassist & computer scientist
Rob Carpick, physicist & organist
Parijat Desai, dancer & choreographer

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